How many times have you spent hours looking for something that you need and couldn’t find it?

Then, when you least expect, it appears right where it was supposed to be all along. Did you feel silly having wasted all the time looking, while it was right there under your nose?

If you’re like me, this has happened to you many times throughout your life. Well, finding the life you love is really not much different.

As a child, I remember going to church and being told about that small voice within each of us that guides us, if we let it. Back then, it was given the name of ‘conscience’.

In the early 70’s, when I began meditating, it was called ‘going within’. In order to go within, we had to learn first to let go. We were learning to connect with that spiritual force within each of us, and to let it come forth and fill our bodies with its light, power and guidance.

This light, this Divine Spark within each of us, is a beacon that guides us through our life. It is pure spirit, joy and love. It is at once all-knowing, all-understanding, all-giving, all-glowing, all-healing, and all-protecting.

Living in a material world, we are well aware of our material bodies, but we often forget that we have this other spiritual body within us. This spiritual body functions much like a ‘genie’ and is always on call. All we have to do is let go, and let it guide us.

The spiritual side of us knows better than the material side what is in our best interests, what will make us happy, and what is our correct choice of path in every given situation. But, in order to unite with this portion of our being, we have to first let go.

Affirmation: I am always protected. I am released from all the negatives that are holding me back.

Being a professional psychic counselor was never what my material self wanted for me. I was a conservative, who believed I had to have a professional, traditional career. I did for many years, and actually loved what I did. But, did it make me happy? Not really. It did provide for me, but it also stressed me out, took a toll on my physical health and body, and put me in a brain fog so great, it became hard to function. I was physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted. Have you ever felt the same?

After a number of situations that took a toll on my physical health, I knew that something had to change. I’d been doing affirmations on and off since the early 70’s and knew how powerful they were. So, I did a lot of praying for guidance and came up with a great one, and started using it multiple times a day. Then I asked for a sign to tell me what to do, as I was at a major crossroads. Then I let go and I waited.

The wait wasn’t very long at all. Spirit started talking to me and telling me which way to go. They were baby steps at first. It was a path I had been on for years, but only part time. I had rejected for years what I had been consistently told I was to do, because it wasn’t what I thought I should be doing.

“Affirmation: I am always guided. I make only correct choices and decisions followed by Divine right action.”

It seemed a little too out there, too unconventional, not mainstream enough, and too off the wall. It didn’t fit my image of how my life was supposed to be. How was anybody going to take me seriously if that is what I did for a living? But, now I was ready. I had tried it my way and had been left physically broken. This time I was desperate, I was ready to listen to that Divine Spark within. I was ready to let go.

Little by little, I got back on the path Spirit was telling me to go in. Each day, I continued my affirmations. Each day I received guidance and nudges pushing me along my path.

Then one day, to my surprise, a dear client called me and lectured me. She and another client had gotten together and, according to her, had decided that if I spent the same amount of time on the spiritual work that I did on the conservative job, and that I wouldn’t need the job anymore.

This special lady functioned as an Angel that day. She was dying of cancer. She spent the last months of her life doing what she could to make sure those she cared about were on their path and doing what they were supposed to be doing. I was one of many. I am so grateful today for that phone call and the words she spoke that day. It marked a major turning point in my life’s journey.

I really looked at what I had been doing, versus what I had been told to do for years. I realized that she was absolutely right and that this was the sign I had been asking for. This dear client had never called me on my cell, nor ever called me at the office, so that in itself was a shock and completely out of character. And, the lecture was out of character as well. I knew that it could have only come as a result of Divine Guidance and as a result of the affirmations I had been doing.

A few days later I quit my unbearably stressful job. With nothing to fall back on except faith, I took a huge risk to follow the voice of inner spirit within. I finally let go completely.

Affirmation: Only Good exists in my life now! I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.

I was soon after hired by a company where I could do my spiritual work at home on my own schedule. I could work when I wanted and as little or as much as I wanted. I could set my own hours according to my health limitations. I could rest when I needed to.

For the first time in years, I could visit with friends, family, take a trip, have company, take a long lunch, walk on the beach, read a book, go to a matinee, or anything else I wanted to do, without having to get permission from a boss who thought they owned my life. I am virtually stress-free. My bills are paid every month.

How did this happen? It started with one big step! I allowed the Spirit within me to start guiding my direction instead of thinking I could do it all by myself. Each day I do my affirmations, and if I get nervous about not being in the driver’s seat, I do more affirmations. I allowed that big Genie inside of me to guide me. I let go. You can unleash your Magic Genie, too!


People consulting us for readings regarding loved ones, both in the here and now and departed, are an everyday occurrence. But sometimes these readings take us to uncomfortable places.

My first ever mediumship reading was one of these.  A nationally prominent attorney had been murdered and his grieving family wanted to know who was responsible. This particular man had a powerful personality in life and he was no less powerful in death! He stayed with me and followed me around for days in my waking moments. He even invaded my dream state. Why was he so insistent? He wanted his family to stop wanting justice and revenge. He wanted them to just leave it alone and let him be as he had lived a great life and he was ready to be where he was. He wanted them to just move on with their lives and be happy. Their grief and focus on justice was keeping him Earthbound.

“When I was 17 I had my first visit from Sam. Sam is my spirit guide who literally introduced himself! It was probably the most startling, yet loving, experience I’ve ever had.” – Derek Acorah

You see, from his perspective, he could see the greater purpose and plan. He held no anger and feelings of revenge and justice.  He was happy and ready to leave. His life had been full. He had achieved a great deal, and had a big loving family. He had had an exceptionally successful career.  He was content. He simply wanted his family to feel the same.

This experience affected me so intensely, that it led me to make a decision not to talk with any others who had passed over.  But, spirit had other plans.

A few years later, while visiting a friend, I decided to read a book one evening, written by the famous medium, James Van Praagh. In the early part of the book, he began to describe how he got started in that line of work – he had been instructed to start a weekly group to practice making contact with the other side.

“When one comes back to bring through messages, many times they are of a regretful nature. They wished they knew how they should have treated people when they were alive. They wished they had loved themselves more. Most messages are indeed about love.” – James Van Praagh

Much to my amazement, when I reached that point in the story, the lamp next to the bed started flashing on and off. Next, a portable land line phone I had with me (with the intent of getting a new battery) suddenly started ringing. How was it even possible to be 300 miles away from home and have a phone with no battery or charge start ringing?

I got up, turned off the phone and checked the cord and connection on the lamp, and then settled back into bed to resume reading.  Lo’ and behold.  The same thing happened again, as soon as I got to that particular passage in the book.

At this point, there was nothing left for me to do except to say to my guides, “Okay, I get the message!”

The message for me was that they wished me to start doing more mediumship work which I had always shied away from.   Sometimes, Spirit is very subtle and sometimes, it is more direct. Are you listening to your messages? One thing I have learned is that Spirit is patient and doesn’t give up; they keep reminding us over and over until we get it.


Many times people discover their own past lives spontaneously.

It could happen on a trip away from home to a strange city or country, and it unexpectedly feels familiar. You know the path already to find your way to a building, business, or other attraction.

You may also feel particularly drawn to a particular culture or part of the world very different than your own.

Other times, meeting someone new starts triggering memories from the past. It could be feelings of intense dislike, immediate attraction and familiarity, or even love at first sight. All of these are indications that you have known that person before.

Another source of triggered past life memories are our dreams. You may dream of being in another place or time, and you may feel like you really experienced that life. It is hard to tell the difference as to whether it was a dream or an actual memory.

Even seeing photos or a painting of a past life personality can trigger the memories. Once these memories are triggered, they usually keep coming back with each episode, bringing more and more details to your consciousness.

“Why write a book on uncovering past lives? Because the benefits for personal empowerment, healing, and enlightenment are tremendous.” – Ted Andrews

Both exceptional abilities and phobias are also indications of past life experiences and talents. If you have spent a number of lifetimes developing musical abilities, then you are often drawn to music again in a current life and may excel at it. A good example of this is the phenomenon of child prodigies.

An example of inexplicable phobia would be if you or someone very close to you died from drowning, which would probably cause you to be very afraid of water in this lifetime.

If you find that you have had something triggered in your consciousness that feels like it may be coming from a past life, try sitting down and meditating on it.

Make yourself comfortable in a quiet setting and just focus in on the person, phobia, place, feeling or situation; ask your Higher Self where this comes from.

Or, you might ask your subconscious before going to sleep at night to show you more detail in your dreams, and to clarify it for you there in detail.

There are many indications in astrology that indicate past life influences, abilities and connections with others. Some psychics are able to pick up on past life karma as it relates to the current life.

EFT and hypnosis practitioners trained in past lives are able to release much of the trauma that originated in past lives. Sometimes information can even be obtained through automatic writing.

I have used all these methods in connecting with my own past lives, and I have also used them to help others to do the same. Many of these methods you can research, or learn to do yourself. Simply becoming more aware is a good start!

If you would like more information than you can manage to find on your own, try consulting an astrologer, psychic, hypnotist or a past-life regression therapist that is well versed in dealing with past lifetimes.  If you feel the need to consult a professional to help you with this, be sure to select someone with experience and most importantly someone you feel comfortable with.


Just prior to the beginning of the 20th century, we once again became aware of the higher consciousness planets of Pluto, Uranus and Neptune.

These discoveries marked our entry into the present Aquarian Age. As most of you realize, Aquarius is a mental sign and it is associated with the Brotherhood of all Mankind.

So, with the advent of the Aquarian Age, we begin to use different parts of our brain, we are able to make unprecedented technological advances, and we learn new ways of communication.

As we move into the 21st century, we are seeing the ideals that first started forming in the previous century; embraced by an enlightened few, these ideals are now becoming mainstream.

Astrology, which used to be reserved only for the ruling class or royalty, is now practiced for individuals. What person doesn’t know what astrological sign they are these days?

“The shift of attention by humanity from an emotional base for decision to the mind will insure the stability necessary for a new age of peace to prevail.” – JJ Dewey

Meditation is being embraced equally by medical doctors and corporate America as a stress reliever. Mainstream America is now becoming concerned with alternative forms of energy, construction, and utilization of waste materials in an ecologically friendly manner.

This is just the beginning of a wave of consciousness going through the minds of humanity all over the planet.

Our consciousness is starting to rise to an awareness that we are all inter-connected, and that everything we do, think, and believe has consequences in the world around us.

This awareness not only gives us unprecedented power to create, manifest, and achieve, but also carries with it great responsibility to be sure this power is used for a higher purpose and is of benefit to all creation.