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In the Fall of 1900 Galveston, Texas, was hit by a major hurricane. At the time it was the greatest natural disaster ever to occur in the United States. In the fall of 2008, it was hit with another one.  In the fall of 2010, the Galveston Historical Foundation decided to hold a séance in the downstairs great room of its offices, in downtown Galveston.

Galveston’s known history begins with its Native American tribes, sought out and revered by other tribes for their healing arts. Later, the natural port gave shelter to Spanish and French explorers, and was even home to the infamous pirate, Jean Lafitte. Galveston’s shipping history brought waves of first Italians and Greeks to settle there. Later, it became the major port of entry for German, Scottish and Irish immigrants making their way to new homes.

Prior to 1900, Galveston was referred to as the “Wall Street of the West”, because of the wealth, commerce and industry at its hub. It is also known to many as the most haunted city in the United States.

Those who fear life are already three parts dead – Bertrand Russell

But is this place really as haunted as some would have us believe? Well, that may be difficult to prove, but it certainly has its fair share of ghosts!  It has the largest surviving number of buildings built in the late 1800’s, both commercial and residential – still there and operational in one place.

A business owner in Galveston was recently quoted as saying, “I believe there are spiritual places around the world where the boundary between this world and the next is very thin.  I believe Galveston is one of those places.”

An employee of the Galveston Historical Foundation also said, “Sometimes, it seems as if everyone in Galveston has a ghost.”

So, recently on a quiet, moonless night in Galveston, nine people gathered quietly in the great room part of the grand lobby of the Galveston Historical Society. Their mission: to attempt to communicate with and hopefully send into the Light some of the ghosts residing there.

I was one of the nine people in this group. I was requested to lead the séance in this historic place, to attempt to soothe the spirits who reportedly wander through the historic halls, haunt the winding stairs and rattle around in the attic.

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time – Mark Twain

Once seated at the round wooden table, covered with clean white table linens, frankincense and white candles were lit.  I then led the group in joining hands, said a blessing and advised the spirits of their intent to communicate and help.

As time began to slow down and the candles flickered brightly, the spirits did make their way forward. Expecting only a few to present themselves, I was at first amazed at the huge crowd of spirits encircling and crowding closer and closer to the group gathered at the table. There were far too many to even begin to count!

First to present themselves were Confederate soldiers, writhing in pain from their wounds. Next was a workman who had fallen to his death while putting crown molding near the top of the lobby’s 25-foot ceiling.  After that came the happy children who roamed the halls of the building, playing with the rocking chairs, while others run to and fro in the great fire. They were followed by an innocent man who had been wrongly sentenced to death, and finally, we had some victims of the Great Storm in 1900.

One by one, the ghosts (or soul fragments or memories) were directed into the Light and one by one, they turned to say, “Thank you.” When the storm victims presented themselves, I had to rejoin hands with the group, in order to enlist the energy of the entire group to send this large number of souls back into the Light. This was done by creating a surge of energy sweeping round and round the room, ever stronger with each circling.

Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free – Jim Morrison

Eventually, the surge became a powerful wave of Light sweeping these victims out of the water where their fear had kept them, to unite them with the Light. Tears covered my cheeks, due to the extreme emotion and sadness that came from this large group of souls.

What was driven home to me through this experience was how damaging fear is. Fragments of souls were left behind to repeat over and over again, for years and years, that element of fear that was existent in their soul. By releasing these souls from their fear, the soul fragment that was left behind was able to rejoin the rest of its soul energy and go back into the Light.

The only soul fragments that were not bound by fear, that I saw, were the ones of the three children. They were happily playing, completely blissful and ignorant in their role. All were released in joy to rejoin their soul energy.

This was at once a very moving, very powerful and very enlightening experience that went far beyond any expectations.  I believe these entities have now found peace. It was definitely an eye-opener in how damaging fear can be, as it drove home how fear causes us to literally leave pieces of ourselves behind as these souls did. There is a lesson to be learned from this. Do your best to focus on the good in your life and eliminate fear.


Scorpio– You find yourself surrounded with people and opportunities that have the potential to propel you into the next major chapter of your life.  You will be freed from what has held you back.

Sagittarius – Not a time for staying at home, get out and network.  You find yourself more focused and ambitious and this is the perfect time to enlist the aid of others to accomplish your goals.

Capricorn – You are now coming in to your own power and are able to gain the respect and attention of those in a position to help and to advance your professional goals.  Focus on service not financial ends.

Aquarius – With a solid foundation at home and personally, you now have the opportunity to attain professional recognition.  Clarify your goals and go for it.  Competition is overcome.

Pisces – Focusing on your home and friends brings pleasure.  Investments could pay off now increasing stability in the future.   New friends and renewal of old ones is favored as you re-energize yourself.

Aries – While you may have to delay temporarily, you will soon be free of past problems.  Focus now on new financial and business opportunities.  You have more friends than you know coming to your aid.

Taurus – The promise of a financial windfall and the gathering together of beneficial relationships give you renewed hope for a year filled with promise.  Take advantage of your good luck this month.

Gemini – Renewed optimism and an overcoming of a health crisis help you in reaching your goals for a new career and financial enterprise.  As career goals fade, you start down a new path of service.

Cancer – On the verge of dramatic life changes, you feel the need for more balance between solitary reflective time and social commitments.  Good luck is yours this month.  Make the most of it.

Leo – Family responsibilities may seem overpowering as your home feels crowded.    It’s time to focus on an educational pursuit that enhances your career opportunities.  Long term goals come closer.

Virgo – Extended family brings joy as well as extra demands.  You may find yourself juggling between your own needs and the demands of others.  Don’t ignore a huge career opportunity that presents now.

Libra – A windfall and new career opportunities lead you in a new direction of increasing fulfillment.  Exercise caution and common sense and the creative freedom you seek becomes a reality.   

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Libra – Work and financial conflicts stimulate you to inner soul searching and the understanding that you are ready to effect a major change forward in your life.  Embrace the opportunities as balance returns.

Scorpio – Things are working behind the scenes to bring in a greater sense of balance in the future. Trust your intuition to guide you and expect major revelations to confirm your chosen path next month.

Sagittarius – Important relationships from the past resurface and could present unexpected opportunities for growth and expansion.   Married or single, love takes center stage. Good luck is yours.

Capricorn – Be sure all is above board as you fall under public scrutiny.  Your drive combines with an opportunity to bring about your success.  You are able to effectively verbalize your goals to superiors.   

Aquarius – This is not a time to stay in the background.   It is your turn to shine and grab hold of the unexpected opportunities coming your way.   You are able to fully express yourself and get results.

Pisces – As your intuitive abilities increase, so do your communications with those you love.   A long awaited move could finally take place as you unite with unexpected help with real estate ventures.

Aries – While you should avoid impulsive commitments, you could also find that unresolved issues in your relationships resurface.   This is a time to stay free, unencumbered, and focus on rebuilding.

Taurus – The demands of work may interfere a bit with your social demands.  Your communication skills are enhanced at this time.  Create balance in these two sectors of life and unite with success.

Gemini – Use this month to get more in touch with your inner needs.  You may soon come to realize that you are changing, your priorities are changing, and that you are craving a different life.

Cancer – A desire for a more balanced life leads you to rethink your career plans and possibly even bring an opportunity to create a new home for yourself.  Home and personal joy becomes most important.

Leo – If you have neglected your personal relationships and life recently, situations now demand more attention here.  Your needs could be in conflict with the needs of others.

Virgo – During a particularly happy month, an addition to your family creates additional responsibility and joy.   Make sure you maintain balance financially as you cater to the needs and demands of family.   

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Decisions, decisions!

What to do? What to say?

Where to go? Where to stay?

Is it ever easy? Do we really

Have a choice? Or does destiny

Continually following, pushing and nudging

Us despite all our efforts at lingering

Until we finally say,

“Okay, you have your way!”

Copyright 1978 – Sharon Michelle


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Channeled from “The Collective” by Sharon Michelle

(Reprint updated from  Fall 2010)

Question:  What can we expect from the political front this year?

Answer:   As we move into the fall, elections are coming closer. Instead of focusing on your favorite candidate who did or did not make it through the polls or on your chosen political party, recognize instead that all candidates and all parties are parts of the same system.

Instead of focusing on what is wrong with the system, focus on what is right and begin focusing light on all leaders everywhere. Following is what The Collective states about the political scene this year.

“This is a chance to change and stabilize the things that have been started at the last cycle. Many adjustments will have to be made in the course of things. Mistakes are being recognized now and adjustments are being demanded. Change is coming.”

“The four energy of 2011 was a frustrating one.  The five energy of 2012  is one of adjustment and change. Expect a lot of upsets and surprises this election.  Many politicians have changed their direction and focus. Quite a few have seen the error of their ways and made dramatic adjustments in their policies. Some have left office. New ones have and will continue to come in; ones who are more guided to help as their spiritual awareness is in better alignment than those who have left. This is why changes are taking place in the political scene. This is happening, not just in the US, but worldwide.”

“Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnel.”

John Quinton

“Even in Mexico, the politicians and those in power are seeing that they have become a war torn country because of the drug cartels. They are cracking down, and will continue to do so, on the darker elements of society.”

“In the beginning, they didn’t care so much as it was bringing money into the country, but now, they are beginning to recognize that it is representative of a deep sickness permeating their society.  They are at a loss as to how to correct things, but, they are now motivated to do so.”

“Mexico is not going to be a place to be for some time as the violence will escalate until there are major political changes and a change in their local level politics.  Those protecting and in agreement with the drug cartels must be weeded out.  It will take a long time since this sickness of greed has so permeated their society.”

Question:  What about our society?

Answer:   “It is a problem here, too, but not as serious. Here, also, many politicians locally, statewide and even federally have secretly been in support of the drug traffic as they are benefiting in one way or another. More compassion needs to be shown to those who are addicts to get them help. Punishment is not working. They need to be treated as if they are ill. They need to treat the spirit, and the physical should be treated by giving them training, a clean slate, and the ability to survive in a better way – one that they can be proud of.”

“Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around us in awareness” – Leland Val Van De Wall

“This is a spiritual disease that has taken place. People are lost, discouraged, and turning to drugs and alcohol as an escape.  They must know this is not the answer. The churches are not the answer as they have been the worst at passing judgment. They could have been the solution if they were truly aligned with spirit. Some are, and are trying their best to service their communities in this regard. But they are few and far between.  Mostly, it is up to the rest of you to step forward and bring them back into the light.”

“The epidemic of greed and control needs to be stopped in its tracks. It starts with each of you and then as the movement grows and  each of you accepts responsibility for the welfare of other humans, your brothers, your animal friends, and even the earth you live on, you create a better world for all.”

“This is even more critical for those in positions of power.  Pray for all these people.  In the beginning, most started out with high ambitions to serve and be of help, but got lost in all the politics and difficulty in changing an established system.  Pray for these leaders whether political, spiritual, or business.”

Politics, it seems to me, for years, or all too long, has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong – Armour, Richard 

“Surround them with white light.  See it going in and out, pulsating through them, and filling them with light so that they can do their highest good. Open their worlds up to the light. Connect them to the light so that they can truly serve. Great things will come from this.”

“It is good to send this white light into the earth to heal the earth, but do not forget to do the same with all the world’s leaders. They are the ones making the decisions that affect the earth and humanity on a daily basis. You can visualize world peace and a world where there is no war, but at the same time, you need to visualize a world where there is no more hunger, no more cold or excessive heat.”

“Visualize a world where humanity and all of God’s creatures, who share this earth with you, are aligned with their highest good and are happy, secure, protected, and productive members of society.  Visualize a world where everyone is able to pursue their dreams always aligned with their highest good.”

” isualize a world with clean water and air. Visualize a world living in balance with nature. Visualize a world where nature’s bounty showers us with its harvest, free of blemishes and disease. Visualize a world where all can live in balance and safety.”

The hero is the one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by. The saint is the man who walks through the dark paths of the world, himself a light

– Felix Adler

“Visualize a world with the Christ Light freeing all from fear and bondage, knowing at all times that light is  stronger than dark.  No matter how dark the void, even the smallest light will always appear bright.”

“Visualize the light from every enlightened soul growing brighter and brighter until it permeates the darkness of every dark soul nearby.  As this light grows brighter, there will be no more darkness.”

“War only breeds more pain, more harm, and more darkness.  You can move mountains with faith in the Light.  Does it not stand to reason, that you can combat your enemies simply by shining the Light on them?  There is no need to shed blood.  No one wins.  War only perpetuates more of the same.”

“Get off the vicious cycle of bloodshed, war, and greed.  There are better ways to solve the world’s problems.  Shine your Light, enhance your Light, and grow your Light.  As your Light grows, so does your neighbor’s and theirs and theirs, continuing throughout the world.”


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