The aura is described as a bio-magnetic energy field surrounding the physical body. It has been referred to as our luminous body by many cultures throughout history.

In my sessions with clients, my guides requested a few years ago that I always include an aura scan. This addition to my practice has taught me a lot of new information about auras.

Ever heard the terms ‘thin skinned’ and ‘thick skinned’ and the need to ‘set boundaries’? Viewing so many auras every week has made me realize where these expressions have come from. Are you particularly sensitive to the vibrations in your environment? Do you avoid hospitals and funerals? Do you have difficulty being around situations and people that are overly emotional, sad or angry? When someone has a headache, do you know because you get one too? You are probably an empath.

“Love expands; it does not limit itself to boundaries.” – Sri Sathya Sai Baba

My observations have shown that people who are very empathic often have auras that literally merge and meld with all of those around them. They don’t seem to have any distinct boundaries. They are open all the time to the emotions, pains, joy and anger of everyone they come in contact with.

Empaths literally feel what the other person is feeling. This can be an aid if they are seeking to send healing energy to another, as they can pinpoint instantly where to direct the healing energy. But, it also makes them susceptible to the more negative energies of other people and to psychic attack.

If you are an empath it is important that you learn early on, when you start feeling upsets, emotions, pain and other extreme feelings to ask yourself, “Does this belong to me?”

“I draw circles and sacred boundaries about me; fewer and fewer climb with me up higher and higher mountains.—I am building a mountain chain out of ever-holier mountains.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

If the feeling does not belong to you, then ask, “To whom does this belong?” You can then direct healing energy to the appropriate person and release these feelings, as they are not yours.

In the beginning, it may be hard to tell the difference between feelings that are yours and those that belong to others. Practice and awareness will teach you the difference.

Just as you set boundaries in the physical world, it is wise to learn to set up boundaries and filters at the edges of your auric field. It is also important to learn to open and close these filters, or gates, at will.

How do you do this? The best way is to meditate daily. When you do, also take a moment to visualize a bubble of light around your physical body. Take a moment and expand this light both upward and outward and increase its strength and power.

“When your aura is filled with life force, others will show respect for your boundaries….When you leave your home, the best health initiative is to walk into the outside world with a grounded, vibrant aura.” – Dr Francesca McCartney

Next you can visualize a band of violet light around your aura. This will serve as a protective filter. You can also visualize polishing the edges of the aura, which will increase the aura’s strength and ability to protect.  Even regularly doing deep breathing exercises daily will build the strength of your aura and your auric boundaries.

By practicing these methods, you will learn control and the ability to turn on or off, at will, the degree to which you are affected by outside energies. You can still be open to perceive and have any harmful vibrations filtered.

The more we begin the Ascension process, the more sensitive we become. It can be a bit overwhelming at first. So, these protections and filters can help us get through the confusion, until we become comfortable with these new perceptions and sensitivities and we are further along in our development.