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Channeled from ‘The Collective’ by Sharon Michelle, June, 2011

Q: Can you give me some wise words to share about the next year, for everyone about what to expect.

A: “This will be a critical year in the waking up process for humanity. More and more are waking up, questioning and looking to get in tune and back into alignment with their true path. There is a greater presence of spirit on the Earth, more now than ever before in humanity’s history.”

“Many who have been leaders in the past are back at this time to lead and bring back the old knowledge and disseminate it to those who are feeling the call. Many are learning. Others are remembering. There is much new light energy being showered on the Earth at this time to aid in the healing, to put back in balance. But all need to do their part.”

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” ~ Carl Jung

Q: What can each of us contribute to do our part?

A: “Just listen and follow the dictates of your Higher Self. This is the part of you that is always connected with Spirit, with the One, the All That Is. All the answers are there for each of you. There is no difference between any of you – all have the ability.”

“All have that Divine Spark within. It is always waiting, patiently aware, allowing you to come when you are ready. For if you are not ready, the answers are not understood and cannot be assimilated.  It would be like trying to understand a foreign language without the knowledge of it.”

“Prepare yourself through meditation, learn to listen and allow.  At first, it is given to you slowly, allowing time for you to assimilate and learn to trust what is being given. Once you are able to fully trust and allow, the seals are released and the knowledge becomes a part of your every moment.”

“A man who can do everything fully consciously becomes a luminous phenomenon. He is all light, and his whole life is full of fragrance and flowers.” ~ Osho

“If you only knew the power that exists inside of each of you just waiting to be released!  When this power becomes fully released in even just a few of you, changes will happen.”

“Changes will be implemented that quickly transform your life and the world around you. Some of this is already occurring.  Magical events, inventions, and knowledge are already affecting your world. You only have to look around to see.”

“As each of you unite and embrace this higher aspect of yourselves, you will begin to understand what true happiness is. It does not come from without. It exists deep within. But, you must connect with this inner self before you can fully experience.”

“The essence that is in each of you is pure. It has just become diluted from the immersion into matter. It is not necessary to leave matter to become pure again. It is only necessary to re-connect with that pure essence inside and work with it to transform matter. It will transform you; it will transform the world around you. It will transform your career, your personal relationships, and even your appearance.”

“Peace…comes within the souls of men when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the Universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that this center is really everywhere. It is within each of us.” ~ Black Elk

“As you connect with this inner power that each of you has, you will find that the years are falling away, that illness and pain disappears, and that economic anxiety is replaced with security. This is the future for each of you, if you just learn to trust that inner voice.”

“With the advent of 2012, there are enough Lightworkers sharing their knowledge and gifts that all of you will find it easier than ever before to tap into your own power and be guided to those that can help facilitate your transition. There are many paths and many teachers leading to the Light. All roads lead eventually to the Light. Know that as you align yourself, you will align with your own path to the Light.”



In 2005,  Spirit added a wonderful new gift for me to utilize in my readings – Aura and Chakra Scans.  I used to do them occasionally, but now I was advised to do them every time.

Initially it was slightly confusing, because I started noticing that on some people there were two chakra centers in the chest area, where before there had only been one – the Heart Chakra

After reading a book recently of channeled insight obtained via hypnosis, I discovered information confirming what I had been seeing.  I learned that there was indeed another chakra in the chest area, which has been closed for centuries.  However, the book did not say what the chakra was used for? After doing a lot of these aura readings, I realized it was usually most obvious in people who had experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE).

“May our heart’s garden of awakening bloom with hundreds of flowers.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

I asked ‘The Collective’ (the name preferred by my guides working in unison) what the purpose of this ‘new chakra‘ is?

They replied: “This chakra is a Higher Expression of the Heart Energy.  It is one that understands more fully the Unity of All.  This is why NDE’s have this chakra opened.  They have been awakened to the reality of the Oneness of All and the reality of the Other Side.”

“One has to feel the chakras, not know about them. You have to feel; you have to send feelers inside yourself.” ~ Osho

It became clear to me that utilizing this Higher Heart Chakra allows you to connect with your own Higher Consciousness on a much deeper level.  It allows you to go back and forth between the physical and spiritual worlds with greater ease.

Per The Collective,

“As you are awakened to a higher level of awareness, this chakra is once again apparent and open in your auric field, and you are allowed access to higher frequencies and dimensions of being.”

“People who have this newly opened chakra in their aura are consciously existing bi-dimensionally.  It gives them the ability to “walk between the worlds” with a foot in each, being able to move back and forth.  This is available to all people who seek to reach this level of awareness, and there are currently a growing number of people who are experiencing this.  There are more now than there have been in several thousand years!”

Information on the Chakra was telepathically channeled from “The Collective” by Sharon Michelle in June 2010.