Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of soulmate connections coming together for many of my clients and friends. Having this on my mind, I thought perhaps you might also be interested in the subject of soulmates.

First of all, we connect with other people on many different levels:  spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, soul purpose, and life path. Not every soulmate will connect on all of these levels. Some will connect on just one level. You will feel a very strong bond with this person, but only on that one level.

The term ‘soulmate’, as it is generally perceived, usually indicates that you connect on four or five of these levels with the same person. A relationship with someone where you are connecting on this many levels is rare and can be pretty overwhelming, as well as unforgettable.

“My life has been the awaiting you. Your footfall was my own heart’s beat.” ~ Paul Valery

A soulmate connecting on multiple levels of four or more is someone who can literally ‘knock your socks off’.’ This person will alter your life in previously unconsidered ways. This is the person that you would follow through ‘hell and high water’ to be with. This is what is referred to as a twin soul.

Once, you have connected with a twin soul,  others pale in comparison. This person can know you better than you know yourself and vice-versa. This is the person that romance novels, movies, and songs are written about. Lest you think it is all rosy with twin souls, they have ups and downs just as do other relationships.  The difference is that they usually feel it is worth it.

The intensity is so much deeper in a twin soul relationship. Often the participants initially try to fight it. This is particularly true if they have a history of disappointments in love. But, regardless of how hard they try to fight it, the feelings remain ever strong and they keep coming back together, until they learn to accept and enjoy the ride.

If one or both of the participants decides to continue to deny and fight the strength of these connections, it can actually have disastrous effects on their health and happiness. However, if they take the chance and embrace the connection, the opposite is true. It gives increased joy, energy, and vitality to each.

“In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.” ~ Maya Angelou

Not everyone meets their twin soul during their lifetime. Even for some who do, it doesn’t come early – it comes later in life. Of course, some people meet them earlier, but deny it because of other commitments. Frequently, they are able to get together later when the commitments and responsibilities to others are dissolved and the karma between them has been completed. There are a lucky few who actually meet their soulmate early in life, recognize them and live a life full of happiness together.

Research estimates that 25% of marriages that take place are twin soul relationships. These are the lucky ones. After 50 years of marriage, these couples are as much in love as they were when they first met. They go through the trials and tribulations in life and are still very much in love. But, for this to happen, both people have to accept the intensity of the love and commit to it, and embrace it as the rare gift that it is.

When you are with your soulmate, you feel energized by their presence. It is as if a light comes on when they are around. You feel you can accomplish all you need to do. You feel joy and happiness toward all those around you. You are happy so you want everyone else to be so also.

You want your soulmate to be happy too, so you do whatever it takes to make that so. You sacrifice for that person’s welfare. You can’t imagine a life without them in it. You know that love can conquer all. And, it can conquer some pretty huge obstacles. Through it all, the love and the connection remains. Years can go by and the connection is still there – ever strong. It transcends separation, distance and death.

“What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life? There to strengthen each other, to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories.” ~ George Eliot

Now, in the current period of longer lives, busier and more eventful lives, and much spiritual work to do – and karma to complete before the major changes that are coming – many people are incarnated without their soulmates. This is because they have much work to do while they are here. Often, in these instances, the soulmates are on the other side helping them from the spirit realm.

So, if you are lucky enough to be one of the 25% of people who are actually able to connect with a twin soul, please cherish them. Don’t deny the connections but embrace them and see them as a gift from spirit to help you through life’s ups and downs. Take the chance to be truly deeply happy.

Affirmation for today:

I am released from all the negatives that are keeping us apart. I am now united with my perfect soulmate in perfect communication, love, harmony, peace, understanding and commitment. Only good exists between us now. I am grateful for this blessing in my life.