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Q: Are psychic readings,  and evolutionary astrology and hypnosis useful tools to help others?

Yes! These are all good methods, as they help to wake people up to their true potentials. People need to wake up to their soul purpose, why they are here, and release their blocks, as they have important work to do.

Each and every one on this planet at this time has important work to do. Many are lost and not on their correct paths. These methods are excellent ways to reconnect them with their soul purpose, and to release the blocks keeping them from realizing their purpose.

Some think it is only the so-called “Lightworkers” who have important work to do. This is incorrect. All souls have the Light within them. So, technically, they can all be called Lightworkers. Some are just more awakened than others.

In the Infinity of Life where we all are, all is perfect, whole, and complete. This is the truth of our being. We were born knowing this truth. Yet many of us have forgotten ~ Louise L. Hay

All are from the Light. Some are more connected with their spiritual paths. These are the ones more commonly referred to as Lightworkers. All of life is of the Light. All are working and growing toward the Light.

Just as a plant’s seed reaches above the covering of earth it is planted in, and grows toward the Light, so do all humans reach toward the Light. Some plants survive and are healthy with a minimum of Light. Others need full sunshine to grow. So it is with humans. Some plants grow strong in shaded areas, so it is with humans.

This inner Light that is contained within all is readily seen by viewing the aura. Those that are in tune with the Light and on their correct paths are surrounded by a vast aura. Those that are surrounded by negative thoughts, people and other stresses and have allowed themselves to be influenced by this have lower, darker and weaker auras.

Regardless of where their lives are at, the Light is always available to them. They need only to reach upwards towards the Light and visually pull it into their auras and surround themselves with this Light. When they are able to do this and allow this Light to permeate first their own selves, the Light will then manifest in their lives and reconnect them to their soul path.  As they continue to increase their own Light, they will eventually influence those around them to increase in Light and awareness.