As channeled from “The Collective” by Sharon Michelle.

Question:  What can you tell me regarding the tool of past life regression?  Is it a valid tool?

Answer: “Yes, this is a tremendous tool for all of you to utilize, and one that can release you from your remaining karma and clear all the blocks that are keeping you from your important missions. Utilize this tool. Heal yourselves. Free yourselves from the cycle of karma.  This will enable you to use all your energies in performing your life’s mission. By freeing yourselves in this way, you can then follow through with aligning yourselves with your Higher Purpose, and actually be able to accomplish your mission.”

“You are guideposts. All any of you have to do is to do your share, by whatever means available to you. You are to share your words, your knowledge, your vision, and your understanding.”

“Each of you has an audience, whether it be one person or thousands of people. Some of you who awaken only one person will have awakened someone who has the ability to awaken thousands.”

“So, you see, each of you has an important part to play. One part, though seemingly small, is just as important as another which seems to play a larger role. Each is given what is achievable for them.”

“As the blazing fire reduces wood to ashes, similarly, the fire of Self-knowledge reduces all Karma to ashes.” – Bhagavad Gita

“You need not think that this is an overwhelming task. For some of you, it is very small. For others it will be more public and attract more people back to their path.”

“There are thousands and thousands just waiting for a clue, a way to wake up so they can align with their Higher Purpose. They just need the guideposts to point them in the right direction. They are willing, just lost or not yet awakened. The more people that are spreading the message out there, the more people will see it and awaken.”

“This is your mission. You are the guideposts. You volunteered to be here, in this incarnation, at this time, not just to complete your karma, but to be a guidepost to help awaken others.”

“You came here to be a part of this great movement of Light, to raise the vibration of this planet to its next level of consciousness, and to free it, and its inhabitants, from the chains of darkness that have enslaved and imprisoned for so long.”

“You are here at this time as warriors fighting for the Light of Freedom, of Creativity, of Peace, of Harmony, and of Love.  You are here to help usher in a New Age of Enlightenment and to break free of karmic patterns.”