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Just as every sign, every planet and every house in Astrology has its own energy and resonance, so do each of the astrological ages. Each age has an overall theme with its own universal lessons.

In the Age of Pisces, humanity learned about dualities. We learned about the duality of good and evil, power and the lack of power. Many took control and power over others, while their subjects suffered in silence.

We were also taught the concept of a God who was sacrificed, and that we must pay for our sins and serve others to make penance.  This was an age of atonement for past sins and sacrifice in the now to reap the rewards of Heaven.  This was an age where our greatest heroes were sacrificed and martyred.

The Aquarian Age, which is fast approaching, has a vastly different energy and expression. Some believe that we are already in the early stages of this age and its energy is already being felt.

“This is an exciting time. I believe we stand at the edge of a new age – a Golden Age – of freedom that will rival any of the great eras of world history because it will be the entire world itself that is changing.” ~ Joe Lieberman

This is the age of the Universal Man, where we become co-creators with God, and/or the Universe. We are beginning to wake up to our full potential and are able to attain the heights of our abilities.  Each individual now has the opportunity to learn to recognize their full potential and finds ways to fully express it. This is the age where we have the potential of literally creating “Heaven on Earth”, as the ancient seers prophesied.

Today, in these early stages of this promising new age, we are at long last awakening to our full power and  oneness with all.  We have the opportunity to put aside the ways of warring, fighting and greed, and be open to the possibility of fully uniting as one great being which is at once separate and whole.

We now have the opportunity to bring the higher spiritual vibration of Heaven to Earth. We are learning to combine our spiritual side with our material side. We are learning to see with one vision. We are learning to function with a whole brain instead of left or right brain. This unification and Oneness is where our true genius and power lies.


Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comChanneled from ‘The Collective’ by Sharon Michelle

“Everyone has guides and helpers that are with them all the time. All that needs to be done is to slow down long enough to listen. Whenever life seems to be speeding up, then it is time for you to start slowing down.

Meditation is great for this. Just slow your mind, surround yourself with peace and quiet and open up your mind. Bring your focus inward. We, your guides and helpers, will communicate with words and visions as well as through your dreams.

Your questions are great as it gives us something to answer initially. Eventually, you will be able to just tune in and listen and we will speak. We are all just waiting to help you. We cannot do so, if you don’t ask and if you don’t listen. This is true for everyone – all of humanity. Yes, it is so much easier than any of you imagine it to be. What makes it so difficult in today’s world is that so many do not slow down…ever. They are rushing from place to place, worrying, and trying to stay in control of all the irons they have in the fire, and of all their relationships.

Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness ~ Shakti Gawain

Exerting control is not the answer. The answer is to release control and allow. Humanity makes things too difficult. They think they have to struggle. Life is not meant to be this way.

If you find yourself always struggling, then you are not on your highest path. Life is meant to enjoy, to share, to stay connected, despite earth’s distractions. If you are trying to maintain  tight control, it simply means you are not listening; you are not free.

When you are on your highest path, what you need and desire falls into place effortlessly, at the right time and the right place and with the right people. It truly feels magical.  This is how life is meant to be.

If you can tune in and listen to what your higher self has to say, to what your guides and angels and the source have to say, you will slide easily through life’s ups and downs. Even a perceived failure leads to your success. You will be guided every step of the way to make the choice that is for your highest good.  Making this choice to align with your path and your highest good, leads to your highest success.

Therefore, be ye lamps unto yourselves, be ye a refuge to yourselves. Hold fast to the truth as a lamp; hold fast as a refuge to the truth. Look not for refuge to anyone besides yourselves ~ Buddha

Connect into that heart center within the center of your being, and balance the right with the left operating from the center, and you will be able to stay on your path through all of life’s twists and turns, through every dark day and night, always ending up in the light. This is the correct way to go through life’s journey.

Remember, the light is inside of you and not outside of you. It is not necessary to have anything outside yourself to walk in the light. Everything that you need, you carry with you at all times. All that is necessary is to tune in and find that light within you.

How do you do this? Through meditation, affirmations, visualization, and just staying relaxed, at peace and aware of your inner guidance. All these things lead to a place of inner peace. Also, ask to be released from all that is holding you back from your highest good. Let go and just be. Know and believe that what you carry inside of you is the most important guidance, information and relationship that there is.

If you need help with learning how to connect, how to do affirmations so that they work, or just assistance with your own questions, contact Sharon Michelle  for guidance.


A question that is frequently asked is, “How do I know if I am aligned with my soul path?” One of the best ways is to learn to connect with your Higher Self,  keep yourself in alignment, and listen to your own inner guidance.  But, not everyone chooses to listen and be aware of this intuition. All should be aware. Intuition exists for one purpose only – it is your guide or map to enable you to travel your chosen path through life.

We all have this God given ability, but not all are listening to it.  Everyone has multiple helpers in the spirit realm and all use the vehicle of intuition to speak to us and guide us on our way and keep us in alignment. These spirit helpers are there only to assist and guide us. It can be very frustrating for them when we don’t listen. How do we learn to listen?  The best way is to get into alignment with our higher spiritual self and our path.

In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness ~ Mahatma Gandhi

In my work scanning people’s auras, I have found that when they are in alignment with their chosen path, their aura is huge, bright and strong. The taller, larger, brighter, and stronger the auras are, the better the individual is at receiving guidance, following through with that guidance, and staying in alignment.

However, the majority of people’s auras are not like this.  Most auras have pulled in either in height, width, or brightness and strength. What causes this to happen? Stress. It could range from simple exhaustion to worries, to huge traumas or dramas playing out in your life. All of these cause us to get out of alignment.  When we are out of alignment, the aura shrinks in size and we do not cope well with the everyday stresses that are part of life. Being, and staying, in alignment can make the difference between success and failure.

It helps, but it isn’t necessary to know exactly what your chosen path is to be able to follow it. All that is necessary is for you to eliminate the stresses and fears from your life.  If you can learn to do this, you are able to simply allow yourself to flow along with the natural current of your life path. This is  much like leisurely floating down a stream in a giant inter-tube. You can relax, enjoy the ride, and bask in the sights, smells and experiences that greet you around every bend, and revel in the adventures along the way (good and bad) knowing that all is going according to plan.

When we give into the stresses of life and allow these stresses and accompanying fears to override our thoughts, our aura shrinks and leaves us vulnerable to the negatives around us and literally cuts off our connection to our source of spirit guidance and our intuition. Our thinking becomes muddled and confused, and we find ourselves either making bad choices or at a standstill, incapable of making any choices at all. We become more vulnerable to illness, bad luck, and negative exchanges with those around us.  We can even become accident prone. As our aura shrinks, our situation looks more difficult and problems become insurmountable, until we are no longer able to cope.

Say not, ‘ I have found the path of the soul.’ Say rather, ‘I have met the soul walking upon my path.’ For the soul walks upon all paths. The soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed. The soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals ~ Khalil Gibran

It is very important that we regularly practice the steps that can return us to alignment. The steps won’t take away the stress but they will most definitely help us to cope with the stress more effectively. This shrinking aura can easily be corrected and bring us back into alignment with our chosen soul path. How can this be done? By slowing down our thoughts, taking a few long slow breaths in and out, or visualizing our bodies and auras filling up with a bright illuminating light. It also helps us stay in alignment if we make sure we are getting the proper nutrition, exercise and sleep.

Often we can return to a state of alignment simply by speaking with our favorite spiritual counselor who can help us gain clarity and perspective, and help us to release our fears as we speak. Your counselor can tune in to what is stressing you and help you to deal with the situation in a more effective manner, and give you the insight needed to cope.

The situation may not be as problematic as your fears are leading you to believe. After your psychic reading, you should feel a sense of release, calm and comfort as you return back into a state of alignment. As you become more relaxed, peaceful, and confident, your aura returns to its natural state of fullness and alignment.

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Channeled Telepathically from The Collective by Sharon Michelle

Question:  The New Year – What should people do to prepare?

Answer: ” It is already happening – the wave of transition that is overtaking the world.  Because of this wave, not of water but of consciousness raising, expect to see a lot of changes in the world.”

“Many companies will fail, economies will fail, and people will fail. They simply will not be able to continue with things as they have been.  Changes are occurring.  For some it is violent.  For some it is gentle.  But change is happening for all.  Many will feel lost.  This is not meant to punish but rather to force them back into alignment with their soul path.”

“All who are on Earth at this time are in agreement with this plan to transition into the next phase.  Some transition consciously and willingly.   Others transition kicking and screaming.  But, all are personally involved in this transition.”

Question:  How can we best prepare?

Answer:  “By being aware and trusting in your own inner self.  Seek the answers within instead of outside yourselves.  All have the answers within.  All hold the keys to their salvation within in that place where they hold communion with the God part of themselves. When each connects on this level, they are also connecting with others at the same time.  For when they connect with this part of themselves, there is no separation between themselves and others.”

“Go out into nature and connect within to that natural rhythm that connects with all of life.  Recognize that all of life has a purpose and is intricately involved with every other part.   One can not exist without the cooperation of the others.”

“This mankind has forgotten.  Yes, all has been made available for man to utilize.  But, it has also been placed there for him to understand that he is to care for and protect and honor all of life.  They have not been placed there for man to upset the balance of nature or to use without regard of consequences or to create imbalance.”

“All that you need is always available to you.  Work together to create homes and businesses that are in balance with nature.  All of earth needs to be in balance and not just protected pockets.   Homes need to be built of readily available and sustainable materials – organic that leave no footprint behind.  They should be made of natural materials that decompose back into the earth when they are no longer needed.”

“Energy should come from a sustainable source such as the natural air currents and the sun that forever provides warmth and life.”

“These things are coming.  The power of thought that manifests the ideas, the inventions, and the new ways of thinking.”




There is a branch of astrology which is referred to as Evolutionary Astrology.   In addition to giving you the added understanding of yourself and your relationships, timing of events and the ability to guestimate what is happening in your future based on your reactions to past transits, astrology also offers insights into past lifetimes.  We look at various factors in the chart to determine what energies and karma you have brought with you from the past.  There are several known methods for determining this.

One method is to check the pre-natal solar eclipse path.  This is the path across the earth that the eclipse shadow makes and where it is visible.  The cities and countries your pre-natal solar eclipse crosses are where you have connected in past lives that relate strongly to the current life.  (See the photo above to view the eclipse path for the upcoming solar eclipse.)

For example, both President Bush, Sr. and Jr. have pre-natal eclipse paths that go right through Baghdad.  This tells us that both of them are somehow karmically connected to this part of the world.  They were both on a collision path with destiny and the city of Baghdad.   In this life, they had unfinished business with this area that they were trying to complete.  This is an often overlooked method that can shed light on where you were in past lives.

Additionally, you can also check your 12th House, your retrograde planets, Saturn, and the locations of both North and South Nodes.  When significant planets in your chart go retrograde or upon meeting a new person in your life, the related karma can be triggered and the planets give a timing indicator of the event and situation.  We will go more into detail about these astrological signposts in future articles.


Channeled by Sharon Michelle from ‘The Collective”

Q:  Are psychic readings, evolutionary astrology and evolutionary hypnosis useful tools to help others?

Answer:  Yes! These are all good methods as they help to wake people up to their true potentials. People need to wake up to their soul purpose, why they are here, and release their blocks as they have important work to do.

Each and every one that is on this planet at this time has important work to do. Many are lost and not on their correct paths. These methods are excellent ways to reconnect them with their soul purpose and to release the blocks keeping them from realizing their purpose. Some think it is only the so-called ‘lightworkers’ that have work to do. This is incorrect. All souls have the Light within them. So, technically, they can all be called lightworkers.  Some are just more awakened than others.

All are from the Light. Some are connected more with their spiritual paths. These are the ones more commonly referred to as Lightworkers. All of life is of the Light. All are working and growing toward the Light.

In the Infinity of Life where we all are, all is pefect, whole, and complete. This is the truth of our being. We were born knowing this truth. Yet many of us have forgotten ~ Louise L. Hay

Just as a plant’s seed reaches above the covering of earth it is planted in, and grows toward the Light, so do all humans reach toward the Light. Some plants survive and are healthy with a minimum of Light. Others need full sunshine to grow. So it is with humans. Some plants grow strong in shaded areas, so it is with humans.

This inner Light that is contained within all is readily seen by viewing the aura. Those that are in tune with the Light and on their correct paths are surrounded by a huge aura. Those that are surrounded by negative thoughts, people and other stresses and have allowed themselves to be influenced by this have lower, darker and weaker auras.

Regardless of where their lives are at, the Light is always available to them. They need only to reach upwards towards the Light and visually pull it into their auras and surround themselves with this Light. When they are able to do this and allow this Light to permeate first their own selves, the Light will then manifest in their lives and reconnect them to their soul path.  As they continue to increase their own Light, they will eventually influence those around them to increase in Light and awareness.



Telepathically channeled from the “Collective” by Sharon Michelle.

Question:  The theme for this website is the evolution of humanity and reincarnation.  Can you give me info on this?

Answer:   “Yes, we can talk about reincarnation.  It is not as simple as “As ye sow so shall ye reap.”  There is much more going on.  It has as much to do with your mission as anything else.  It is not all about karma.”

“Some of you are working through the last of your karma, yet you are still here.  This is because you are here to serve.  You are here to usher in a new world, a new understanding and a new way of living on this beautiful planet you call earth.”

“Your purpose is one of bringing harmony and balance to this  special planet.”

“Most of you, who consider yourselves to be Lightworkers, are not on the earth at this time just because of karma.  You may have some karma you are completing.  However, you are here for a much greater purpose.  Your purpose is one of bringing harmony and balance to this special planet.  It is a jewel among all the planets.  It has not been appreciated fully in the past.  Part of the job of the Light Workers is to make the rest of humanity aware of the precious habitat they have and start treating her with reverence and respect and to treat all of its inhabitants the same. This includes both the lowest of creatures and the highest, the plant life, and even the mineral kingdom.  The understanding must be made that all of you are ONE.”

“While it may seem like an insurmountable task, it isn’t.   Each of you must take personal responsibility for your part.  Even the smallest change multiplied over and over makes a monumental impact.  This is your mission and this is your life.  This is why you are here at this time and in this place.”

“Those of you lucky enough to be born in the United States at this time are not here by accident.  You are here, because at this time, this is where you have the most opportunity to effect a change in world view and world consciousness.  As the consciousness of the people of the U.S. is raised, so is that of the rest of the world.  The world follows what we do here.  For the world to succeed, the U.S. must succeed.”