Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe world and its people are increasingly going through an awakening process. More and more people are waking up and asking if they can become psychic, or be more psychic. The answer is definitely, yes!

Most people are born with many natural psychic gifts. Through the process of growing up, and sometimes religious stifling of these gifts, they get subdued and often  turned off. When you go through an awakening process, your abilities get turned back on.

Then, like any muscle that is be retrained, you start off slowly using the gifts and gradually, with effort and practice, you can develop very powerful psychic abilities. The key is to use the abilities on a regular basis.

People will be stronger in different psychic gifts. Just as some people are musically inclined, and others are not so much, some people have stronger natural psychic gifts and may be stronger in one or two than in the others.

What does it mean to be psychic? Essentially it means to feel, rather than think all the time ~ Zen Master Rama

For example, I have found that people involved in teaching, coaching, counseling or sales seem to be naturally using their gifts more regularly, while they quietly go about their regular work lives.  Their natural intuitive gifts are used to help them daily to be successful in their chosen line of work.

These people tend to develop their psychic hearing or clairaudience and their throat chakra and speaking or channeling gifts more strongly. In order to be successful in their field of work, they have learned subconsciously to rely on these gifts.  This enables them to hear beyond what their student or client is saying to what they really mean or want. It also allows them to channel the right words at the right time to effectively teach, counsel or sell their client, customer or student.

It helps to identify which gifts you have naturally, so you can focus on using them more. Then you can also focus on trying to utilize the others as backups on a regular basis, so you can develop them as well.

You might compare the difference between the natural and learned gifts to be a bit like driving a manual car when you are used to an automatic. You can still do it, but you may have to concentrate more on doing so. The natural gifts you just use without having to think about it.

It seems there is one psychic gift that most professional psychics have that can’t be developed. This one would be the gift of empathy or the ability to actually put yourself into another’s place and feel what they are feeling. You actually blend with that person’s energy. You feel their pain, their despair, their tears, or their fear. This ability to tune in empathically with others seems to be the only one that is impossible to develop. Either you have it or you don’t.

Everyone who is born to the Earth has the psychic ability lying dormant ~ Derek Acorah

If you have the gift of empathy, you do need to learn to control it and be able to identify what you are picking up from others and what belongs to you. This gift is so natural that it is often difficult to tell the difference. If you are feeling sad for instance and have no reason to feel that way, you are probably picking up the sadness of someone around you. Just simply tune into the feeling and ask, “Who does this feeling belong to?” If it belongs to someone else, usually the face or name of that person will pop into your mind. Once identifying where it belongs, you can usually release it from yourself and go about your life without the burden of this unwanted emotion.

In short, the reason why I believe that all of us are psychic is that all of us are spiritual beings having a human experience. All of us are wired to stay in contact and have regular interaction with your higher self, angels, spirit guides, and the Source. All of us have a soul, and guides and angels to help us; thus, all of us have the ability to be psychic.

We only need to learn to listen to our inner voice and our own personal connection with spirit. The more we listen, the more we wake up!