Channeled from the Collective by Sharon Michelle

In this upcoming election, expect the entry of a complete outsider to come into the scene.  This man is not part of the Washington inner circle and he will have many enemies fighting against him.   His heart is true and he is a true patriot.   He is a powerful mover and shaker but not a politician.  He is already much in the public eye but not as a politician.   Many will be surprised when he runs for office and will not expect him to win.   He is a long shot to win.  He will bring a great many shakeups in the established system which will resist him will all their might. They are struggling to keep their corrupt system in place.  However, he will win.   He will not just win the 2016 election, he will also win the 2020 election and serve 4 years both times.  He will be unlike any president that has preceded him but he is a true patriot and wants only to bring this country back to its roots.  He is strong, shrewd, understands what needs to be done and he is aligned with the Spiritual forces for Transformation and Good.   After completing his 2nd term, he will be followed by another new president with a similar outlook and mindset who will complete what he has started.

The “Old Political Guard” in this country (USA) must and will go.  They have remained in power too long and have grown fat and greedy while they have forgotten the reason they went into office which was to serve the People, not themselves.   Instead of what is right in the world, they have become what is wrong.   The coming purge from office must happen if this country is to survive.   Many of them will grow old and die, others will quit as their wrong doings come to light, and many will simply lose their re-election campaigns as the People are wising up and will no longer believe their lies.   Those that have clogged and corrupted our political system will be leaving office one by one over the next ten years or so and be replaced by new idealistic and patriotic leaders that actually care about the nation and its people.  This will be happening in both political parties as both are corrupt.

In the corporate world, you will see the same thing starting to occur as leaders in this sector will also fall from favor as they have grown greedy and wealthy at the expense of their employees and the people they serve.   These events are long overdue but you will soon begin to see signs that these things are beginning to occur.