Telepathically channeled by Sharon Michelle from “The Collective.”

Q: What is role of reincarnation and karma in the evolution of humanity?

It is not as simple as “As ye sow so shall ye reap.”  There is much more going on. It has as much to do with your mission as anything else. It is not all about karma.

Some of you are working through the last of your karma, yet you are still here. This is because you are here to serve. You are here to usher in a new world, a new understanding and a new way of living on this beautiful planet you call Earth. Your purpose is one of bringing harmony and balance to this special planet.

Most of you, who consider yourselves to be Lightworkers, are not on the Earth at this time just because of karma. You may have some karma you are completing. However, you are here for a much greater purpose. Your purpose is one of bringing harmony and balance to this special planet. It is a jewel among all the planets. It has not been appreciated fully in the past.

There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life  –  happiness, freedom, and peace of mind – are always attained by giving them to someone else ~ Peyton Conway March

Part of the job of the Lightworkers is to make the rest of humanity aware of the precious habitat they occupy and start treating her with reverence and respect, and to treat all of its inhabitants the same. This includes both the lowest of creatures and the highest, the plant life, and even the mineral kingdom.  The understanding must be made that all of you are one.

While it may seem like an insurmountable task, it isn’t. Each of you must take personal responsibility for your part. Even the smallest change multiplied over and over makes a monumental impact. This is your mission and this is your life. This is why you are here at this time and in this place.

Those of you lucky enough to be born in the United States at this time are not here by accident. You are here, because at this time, this is where you have the most opportunity to effect a change in worldview and world consciousness. As the consciousness of the people of the USA is raised, so is that of the rest of the world. The world follows what you do here. For the world to succeed, the USA must succeed.


Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comClients frequently ask me, “Do you ever see anything bad?” My answer is both, yes and no. I feel I owe it to the client, when I see something that looks negative or difficult, to make them aware of it. However, I feel it would be irresponsible as a psychic to predict such future events without also giving them a way to avoid it, modify it, or correct it. The study of Astrology taught me that, while we may not be able to change the event, we can change how we react or respond to it.

For example I once saw a client going out of town on a business trip, in the rain and at night. There was great danger there that was possibly fatal. I advised the client that when he was in a car, in the rain, at night, and out of town for business, to be extra careful – especially at stop lights.

It is better to meet danger than to wait for it. He that is on a lee shore, and foresees a hurricane, stands out to sea and encounters a storm to avoid a shipwreck ~ Charles Caleb Colton

He kind of blew it off and forgot about it, as he didn’t usually go out of town for business. Six months or so later, he found himself in this exact scenario. He had stopped at a red light, and when the light turned green he started to pull forward.  Something stopped him, as he suddenly remembered what I had told him. He looked up and a large truck came barreling through the intersection, running the red light! Had he not stopped when he did, the truck would have collided with his driver’s side door and killed him. He called the next morning to tell me I had saved his life with my warning.

More recently, I read for a young lady whom I advised not to go on a trip without getting her car checked out first, as I was seeing danger in her car. I cautioned her not to drive off the island at night, without having it looked at first. The next day she took her car in to get checked and found she had a problem with her axle. It was a relatively simple fix, but had she gotten on the freeway at a high speed, without having it fixed first, it could have caused an extremely serious accident.

She also called me afterwards to thank me. She was going on a trip and had postponed it a day to get the car looked at. The auto shop told her it could have caused a major accident, and possibly her death, if she had not brought it in when she did.  She probably would not have made it off the island.

One ought never to turn one’s back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half. Never run away from anything. Never! ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I advised one client to listen to her daughter, who wanted her to go and see a new doctor, as the one she had been consulting her whole life was missing something. She wasn’t feeling well and her daughter was concerned about her.

After the reading, she agreed to go with her daughter to see the new doctor. It was soon discovered that the previous doctor had been giving her some medication that was causing her to go into kidney failure. Because she heeded the warning, and switched doctors, they were able to catch the problem in time and save her life. Had she continued with the original doctor, she most likely would not have made it.

By the way, this same woman had been told by another psychic there was a spell on her and to pay her a lot of money to remove it. Thank goodness she didn’t listen and came to see me instead. It wasn’t a spell; it was bad medicine and misdiagnosis!

So yes, I do sometimes see negative things. But, when I do, I also look for the solution. I believe that is the reason these things are shown to us, so that we can warn the client and so the client can take action to prepare themselves and possibly even prevent it.