Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comIn the Fall of 1900, Galveston, Texas, was hit by a major hurricane. At the time it was the greatest natural disaster ever to occur in the United States. In the fall of 2008, it was hit with another one. In the fall of 2010, the Galveston Historical Foundation decided to hold a séance in the downstairs great room of its offices, in downtown Galveston.

Galveston’s known history begins with its Native American tribes, who were sought out and revered by other tribes for their healing arts. Later, the natural port gave shelter to Spanish and French explorers, and was even home to the infamous pirate, Jean Lafitte. Galveston’s shipping history brought waves of first Italians and then Greeks to settle there. Later, it became the major port of entry for German, Scottish and Irish immigrants making their way to new homes in the central and western lands that would become part of the United States in the future..

Prior to 1900, Galveston was referred to as the “Wall Street of the West”, because of the wealth, commerce and industry at its hub. It is also known to many as the most haunted city in the United States. Almost every home and every block has ghost stories.

Those who fear life are already three parts dead ~ Bertrand Russell

But is this place really as haunted as some would have us believe? Well, that may be difficult to prove, but it certainly has its fair share of ghosts!  It has the largest surviving number of buildings built in the late 1800’s, both commercial and residential – still there and operational in one place.

A business owner in Galveston was recently quoted as saying, “I believe there are spiritual places around the world where the boundary between this world and the next is very thin.  I believe Galveston is one of those places.” An employee of the Galveston Historical Foundation also said, “Sometimes, it seems as if everyone in Galveston has a ghost.”

So, on a quiet, moonless night in Galveston in the fall of 2010, nine people gathered quietly in the great room area of the grand lobby of the Galveston Historical Society. Their mission: to attempt to communicate with and hopefully send into the Light some of the ghosts residing there.

I was one of the nine people in this group. I was requested to lead the séance in this historic place, to attempt to soothe the spirits who reportedly wander through the historic halls, haunt the winding stairs and rattling around in the attic.

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time ~ Mark Twain

A large round wooden table, covered with clean white table linens, had been placed at the center of the room and was surrounded with chairs.   Frankincense and white candles had been lit and mingled with the smell of fresh flowers.  Once everyone was seated, II then led the group in joining hands, said a blessing and advised the spirits of our intent to communicate and help.

As time began to slow down and the candles flickered brightly, the spirits did make their way forward. Expecting only a few to present themselves, I was at first amazed at the huge crowd of spirits encircling and crowding closer and closer to the group gathered at the table. There were far too many to even begin to count!  So many were there, it was a bit overwhelming.  Many were coming in out of curiosity but also in hopes of being guided to cross over into the light.

First to present themselves were Confederate soldiers, writhing in pain from their wounds. Next was a workman who had fallen to his death while putting crown molding near the top of the lobby’s 25-foot ceiling.  After that came the happy children who roamed the halls of the building, playing with the rocking chairs, while others run to and fro in the great fire. They were followed by an innocent man who had been wrongly sentenced to death, and finally, we had some victims of the Great Storm in 1900.

One by one, the ghosts (or soul fragments or memories) were directed into the Light and one by one, they turned to say, “Thank you.” When the storm victims presented themselves, I had to rejoin hands with the group, in order to enlist the energy of the entire group to send this large number of souls back into the Light. This was done by creating a surge of energy sweeping round and round the room, ever stronger with each circling.

Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free ~ Jim Morrison

Eventually, the surge became a powerful wave of Light sweeping these victims out of the water where their fear had kept them, to unite them with the Light. Tears covered my cheeks, due to the extreme emotion and sadness that came from this large group of souls who had been trapped in the most horrific moment of their lives. .

What was driven home to me through this experience was how damaging fear is. Fragments of souls were left behind to repeat over and over again, for years and years, that element of fear that was existent in their soul. By releasing these souls from their fear, the soul fragment that was left behind was able to rejoin the rest of its soul energy and go back into the Light.

The only soul fragments that were not bound by fear, that I saw, were the ones of the three children. They were happily playing, completely blissful and ignorant in their role. All were released in joy to rejoin their soul energy.

This was at once a very moving, very powerful and very enlightening experience that went far beyond any expectations.  I believe these entities have now found peace. It was definitely an eye-opener in how damaging fear can be, as it drove home how fear causes us to literally leave pieces of ourselves behind as these souls did. There is a lesson to be learned from this. Do your best to focus on the good in your life and eliminate fear.  Fear can cause us to get stuck and relive the most traumatic moments of out lives and cause us to get stuck and not be able to move onward.

In 2015, I have once again been requested by the Galveston Historical Foundation to do another séance in one of Galveston’s Historical Properties during the Halloween Weekend.  If you enjoyed this blog, look for the next report coming in November 2015.