Part 1.  An Astrological Event Overview

My metaphysical career began after a near death experience and shortly after, I began to do psychic readings.  It wasn’t something I chose, it chose me.   To be allowed to come back, I promised to do something to help people afterwards.  I was told it would be “given to me” and it was.  Spirit would tell me things and gave me visions as well.      A few years later, they led me to learn Astrology.  I don’t believe in using Astrology in every little decision I make.  However, after I get what Spirit gives me psychically, I do like to check, as there should be astrological correlation for what I am receiving.   In the case of Cryptos, this is also true.

Last week, I looked to see if what I have been getting from Spirit, as to timelines, has astrological correlation.  It did.   So, I decided to share that with you as well.  I hope you will find it helpful and interesting and alleviate your concerns over the current slow market and understand that this cycle is a natural occurrence.

The crypto market, just as the overall economy, is responding to very regular astrological influences.   Whether you believe in it or not, these cycles are very real.  So, I am going to explain briefly about some of the major cycles which are in play right now.

Jupiter is the planet that rules economic prosperity and growth among other things.   So, when it is Retro, like it has been since March 9, 2018, you will see a slow-down in any type of business venture.   When it is retro, it inhibits economic growth.  This includes the crypto market.    On the other hand, when it goes forward again (July 11, 2018), you will see events taking place that bring a return of optimism.  You will see more growth starting to take place.  Spending begins to increase, people take more risks, business begins to move forward with projects that have been on hold.   Hiring resumes.  More investments are made.  People have more faith that the economy is picking up.  And you see proof of this all around you because you see the signs and you feel it as well.  After months of things being slow, you begin to feel hope again and faith gets stronger.

This year, the forward movement of Jupiter corresponds with the timing of the New Moon in Cancer.   Cancer is a fertile sign so ventures started at this New Moon, and during this sign,  have a great chance of being prosperous and successful.   The New Moon time frame is always great for new beginnings and ensures they have a successful outcome when initiated at this time.     This New Moon happening at the same time frame as Jupiter going forward will be particularly successful and this combination will give very powerful and positive results  – much more so than if Jupiter was not going forward at the same time.  The combination greatly magnifies the results and their importance. Adding to the power of these two significant events on the 11th and 12th of July, we also have a partial solar eclipse on the 13th.  This adds more emphasis to the importance of events taking place during this time frame. Eclipses often mark the arrival of major changes in peoples lives to take place usually in the coming year.  So changes beginning at this time affect the coming year significantly and in this case, I believe, it will be for the better.

New Moon time frames and the time when planets change from going forward or backward usually correspond with and to very significant events.  In this case, these should be positive. The Moon portion indicates significant timing and dates.  With major planets changing direction, there may be several weeks of influence that are noticeable.  This will be true of Jupiter, and later Saturn and Pluto.

With this New Moon in Cancer and Jupiter forward combination, you could easily see a little glimpse of what is going to come later in the year when Pluto goes direct the first week of October.

To wrap up, even the market has been very slow recently, the closet we get to the date of July 11, 2018, the more you will see subtle improvements and growth starting to occur and optimism coming back to people.   You will see the beginning signs of the economy starting to pick up.



Astrological Overview – Part 3

Continuing on with the Astrological overview of planetary influences on the markets and Cryptos specifically, come October, you have a new player entering the mix.  Pluto changes direction and goes forward.   Pluto rules the masses and in combination with Jupiter, it means BIG MONEY.   Even while Retro, it has been in cooperative energy with both Saturn and Jupiter.   What does this mean for Cryptos in October?  It means the masses will be getting involved and investing.   It means you will see your coins starting to increase significantly in value for a number of months while masses of people and possibly even institutions get more involved.  Not only masses of people are getting involved, but also masses of money.  This will be HUGE!

My visions, lately, have been showing me lots of people on the sidelines watching.  They are either scared because of the slow market or they don’t know how to get involved.  But, when they see things starting to climb, they will be much more motivated and start investing and learning how to invest. Then closer to the end of the year, I see a buying frenzy as these masses of people try to buy in before the prices gets too high.

There is much more I could add about the astrological events in play right now, but these three, featured in the last three posts, are the major players and influences.   I see them affecting the overall economy as well as cryptos.    I hope this helps to explain that the slow period we have been having is nothing more than a very natural cycle and also indicates when things will naturally show increase.   And with the cooperative Jupiter and Pluto involvement in October, the effect on the economy and cryptos should be BIG!  This combo is always involved in BIG MONEY.  Expect your portfolios and business to go through major growth at this time and in the following few months as well.


Astrological Overview – Part 2

Speaking more on how the astrological planetary cycles influence the economy and the markets, another big player and one that greatly influences the economy is Saturn.   It rules the stability and restriction involved with the economic system.    When it is in forward motion, it gives the opportunity for individuals and businesses to stabilize, lay stronger foundations, and move forward with planning and growth.    However, when it is Retro, it tends to restrict the economy and you will see business markets slow to a crawl.  Planned expansions, tend to be delayed.  The best use of this energy is to prepare, plan, lay a solid foundation for the future, and basically, get all your ducks in a row.   Often, people see this as a negative.  In reality, it is giving you more time to do what you need to do before things start moving forward and growing again. This year Saturn went Retro on April 18, 2018.   So just when Cryptos were starting to make a forward move, they once again started slowing down with very little sustained growth shortly after this retro move.

Saturn will go forward again this year on September 6, 2018.   So once it goes forward and probably a couple weeks before that, you will notice things stabilizing and signs of additional growth coming.  This year you will have both planets that are known to influence the economy, not only being in forward motion at this time, but cooperating together since they are in compatible signs.  In regards to Cryptos, you will notice less volatility and a more even rise as they begin to grow and expand.



Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comSaturn the taskmaster is now finishing its 2015 retrograde cycle. Saturn goes into a retro cycle every year for four and a half to five months. Retro means that from the perspective of Earth, Saturn appears to be going backwards through the zodiac.  This period often brings past life people and karmic situations back in to be worked through. It gives more time for us to complete a difficult cycle.

Since Saturn rules work, almost everyone experiences setbacks in their job or career during the retrograde cycle. Some become dissatisfied with their jobs and others quit or lose their jobs. This period is not good for starting new employment. It is however a good time to get resumes together and to network with the hope that, when it goes forward, a new job opportunity will present itself.

I came into the world under the sign of Saturn – the star of the slowest revolution, the planet of detours and delays ~ Walter Benjamin

A job started during this retro period usually does not work out well – it is either not as initially presented, or is at best temporary. Since this period is now coming to an end, many people will be leaving their old jobs and starting new ones in the next few weeks. This is especially true the first week of August 2015.

Not only does Saturn rule work, it also rules committed relationships, the skeletal system, bones, teeth and the major structural systems and appliances for homes and buildings. So, the retro period could have created crises in any or all of these areas. Often people will have health issues erupt and may feel very exhausted during this period.

It is best to try to get as much rest as possible and address only those critical areas in life that absolutely have to be taken care of. Conserve your energies. Other things can wait until you have more energy. Some people may find that they have become disenchanted or disillusioned with aspects of their lives. If possible, take things slow and refrain from making major changes, until you are working with the forward motion of the planet after August 2, 2015. Next year, this period will begin in April.

In the week before and after this Saturn Direct position of August 2, many people will be starting new jobs and finding that blocks which have been holding them back are disappearing.  Changes are now falling into place and their health and energy is being restored.  This is a time of a great deal of progress and the energies both physically and economically return to enable forward growth once again.

Changes occurring at this time tend to be both major, life changing and dramatic. Most of all, they indicate the laying down of solid foundations for the future. This year  the changes are more dramatic and involve a greater portion of the population, because Saturn is in aspect to many of the other planets at the same time. So take heart and know that after the last few months of stress, most situations are balancing out for the betterment of your future with this August 2, 2015 Saturn direct motion.

If you have questions about how this transit is affecting you, give me a call.



This year I began noticing an unusual phenomenon during my regular scans on the auras of clients. Suddenly, more and more people were showing up with the color purple as the dominant color in the aura. Previously, this was a rare occurrence. As the weeks have gone by, this trend has continued and has, in fact, resulted in many more people coming in with this color present in their auras.

What does it mean to have this color dominant? Purple is a highly spiritual color and represents a person who is actively seeking spiritual awareness and development. Often these people find themselves withdrawing from large groups of people and being more protective of their quiet times. While still social, they tend to prefer smaller groups and even more alone time.

We effect more than we can possibly know. With every mood, every thought, every word, every gesture, we change our lives and our universe ~ Maharishi Sadasiva Isham

They begin to read and study more about spiritual subjects.  They begin to meditate more. Their focus and direction in life often changes to a quieter and more contemplative lifestyle.  Often they get by on only five hours or so of sleep, but need more rest or down time to just vegetate, relax, contemplate and meditate.

Why is this happening now? On September 22, 2014, the planetary body called Earth fully entered the Photon Belt. Our solar system began its entry into the Photon Belt in the early 60’s. This gave rise to demands for equal rights, liberation of many oppressed peoples, the anti-war movement, the elimination of the draft, the movement to protect the environment and many other liberation and consciousness raising actions.

Now that the Earth itself has entered the Photon Belt, you can expect even more events of this nature happening. People are waking up in vast numbers and being consciously changed by this energy of purple light emanating from the Photon Belt. The solar system entering this area of space began to open up our mass consciousness, but the Earth entering this space will, and is, further advancing our individual consciousness.

Our ability to manifest is accelerated, our intuitiveness is increasing on a mass scale, we find that subjects that were difficult before have suddenly become easier. We have an increased understanding of the ripple effect of our actions and that we and all of creation are one. With this understanding and awareness of the oneness of all, we are also opening up the second Heart Chakra.

A kind of light spread out from her. And everything changed color. And the world opened out. And a day was good to awaken to. And there were no limits to anything. And the people of the world were good and handsome. And I was not afraid any more ~ John Steinbeck

The earth has previously entered the Photon Belt five times according to ancient records and calendars. Each time the earth enters the space, it is accompanied by 2100 years of a golden age of light. This is not something new but something that the ancients knew was a regular cycle of life on this planet.

We are going through the birth pangs of a new age of enlightenment. We are the pioneers of this new and wondrous age. If we are aligning with this new energy, we will live to see wondrous events in the future and may even be a part of making these wonders happen. This is a naturally occurring cycle, which is not to be feared, but should be embraced as each of us allows our guidance to lead us through it safely.


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Just as every sign, every planet and every house in Astrology has its own energy and resonance, so do each of the astrological ages. Each age has an overall theme with its own universal lessons.

In the Age of Pisces, humanity learned about dualities. We learned about the duality of good and evil, power and the lack of power. Many took control and power over others, while their subjects suffered in silence.

We were also taught the concept of a God who was sacrificed, and that we must pay for our sins and serve others to make penance.  This was an age of atonement for past sins and sacrifice in the now to reap the rewards of Heaven.  This was an age where our greatest heroes were sacrificed and martyred.

The Aquarian Age, which is fast approaching, has a vastly different energy and expression. Some believe that we are already in the early stages of this age and its energy is already being felt.

“This is an exciting time. I believe we stand at the edge of a new age – a Golden Age – of freedom that will rival any of the great eras of world history because it will be the entire world itself that is changing.” ~ Joe Lieberman

This is the age of the Universal Man, where we become co-creators with God, and/or the Universe. We are beginning to wake up to our full potential and are able to attain the heights of our abilities.  Each individual now has the opportunity to learn to recognize their full potential and finds ways to fully express it. This is the age where we have the potential of literally creating “Heaven on Earth”, as the ancient seers prophesied.

Today, in these early stages of this promising new age, we are at long last awakening to our full power and  oneness with all.  We have the opportunity to put aside the ways of warring, fighting and greed, and be open to the possibility of fully uniting as one great being which is at once separate and whole.

We now have the opportunity to bring the higher spiritual vibration of Heaven to Earth. We are learning to combine our spiritual side with our material side. We are learning to see with one vision. We are learning to function with a whole brain instead of left or right brain. This unification and Oneness is where our true genius and power lies.



There is a branch of astrology which is referred to as Evolutionary Astrology.   In addition to giving you the added understanding of yourself and your relationships, timing of events and the ability to guestimate what is happening in your future based on your reactions to past transits, astrology also offers insights into past lifetimes.  We look at various factors in the chart to determine what energies and karma you have brought with you from the past.  There are several known methods for determining this.

One method is to check the pre-natal solar eclipse path.  This is the path across the earth that the eclipse shadow makes and where it is visible.  The cities and countries your pre-natal solar eclipse crosses are where you have connected in past lives that relate strongly to the current life.  (See the photo above to view the eclipse path for the upcoming solar eclipse.)

For example, both President Bush, Sr. and Jr. have pre-natal eclipse paths that go right through Baghdad.  This tells us that both of them are somehow karmically connected to this part of the world.  They were both on a collision path with destiny and the city of Baghdad.   In this life, they had unfinished business with this area that they were trying to complete.  This is an often overlooked method that can shed light on where you were in past lives.

Additionally, you can also check your 12th House, your retrograde planets, Saturn, and the locations of both North and South Nodes.  When significant planets in your chart go retrograde or upon meeting a new person in your life, the related karma can be triggered and the planets give a timing indicator of the event and situation.  We will go more into detail about these astrological signposts in future articles.


2011/2012 brought major astrological lineups bringing change and break-ups from all that has been holding us back, or that has outgrown its purpose in our lives. How do we deal with this going forward?

The best way is to embrace the changes coming now and in the coming few years. As human beings, we tend to want to hold on to what is familiar and what has been working; we resist change. However, with the astrological aspects that have recently taken place, we need to be embracing the upcoming changes that are occurring, as they can be both exciting and rejuvenating.

If you find that people, work, situations, places where you have been comfortable for quite some time are suddenly not working for you anymore, let them go. Do not try to hold on to them, or force them to work out. If you do, the situation will get progressively worse, until it becomes unbearable and you are forced to let go.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.” ~ Howard Thurman

It is much simpler and easier to let go when you first begin to get the indicators that something isn’t working in your life.    If something isn’t working now, it is because it has served its purpose. It means it is now time to embrace a new direction.

If something is meant to remain in your life, it will. If it doesn’t, know that its time has passed and you are now in a new era. Try to view this change with excitement and a sign that something better is getting ready to come in and revolutionize your life in some positive way. You have completed something and you are now ready to move on.

Remember that anxiety and excitement are different expressions of the same emotion. Excitement is the positive expression of anxiety. Both may give you that same feeling at the top of your abdomen in the area of the solar plexus. Learn to recognize which is which. Let go of the fear and embrace the excitement of new positive potentials and beginnings.

“The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be.” ~ Marcel Pagnol

Regardless of who you are, you will feel this energy in some way beginning in 2012. Some may find sudden new job opportunities, others may find a relationship breaking apart, and others may experience other types of losses or change, such as long distance relocation.

Although you could be in for a wild ride in the years ahead, just remember to release all that is leaving your life and instead embrace the new opportunities and beginnings that are coming in.

Be adaptable. Release the fear along with the old, as change is always ultimately for the best. The only thing constant in life is change. It is not to be feared, it is to be embraced.


The word soulmate is probably one of the most misunderstood words in our English language. What most people think of as a soulmate is actually the meaning applied to twin flame soulmates. In reality there are many different types of soulmates.

Clients call me all the time asking, “When will I meet my soulmate?” Or, they may ask if the one they just met is their soulmate. Still others are convinced that the one that got away is their only soulmate and they are doomed to be unhappy in love, because no one else will ever do. Others, who are in addictive, co-dependent or completely dysfunctional relationships, also sometimes ascribe the name soulmate to their partner. The familiarity that we feel with certain individuals is there because we have been together many times, but it isn’t necessarily always romantic.

“Whatever relationships you have attracted in your life at this moment, are precisely the ones you need in your life at this moment.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Astrology teaches us that relationships come together to help us and teach us, enabling us to grow and evolve. Past life regression shows us the same. Some souls regularly join us to help us, to be a part of our lives, and work together. However, in one life, they may be our father, in another our mother, in another our child or sibling, and in another our dearest friend. Or we may even find that we were a slave or servant to them in a past life, and they were our master.  In one instance of past life regression, the client had come together with a spouse who had killed her children and spouse in a previous life.  In this life, they married so that he could give back to her the children he had taken away in a previous life.  Once this was accomplished, she was free to leave him.

I see many people who are married to people they felt had to be a soulmate, as there was such a strong love between them. The love was real, but it was on a more platonic level and not physical or romantic. Why is this?  Because, their past life history shows the love built up strongly over multiple lifetimes, but they were siblings, parent and child, and best friends – not lovers. So, in the current life, the love is so strong they feel they have to be soulmates. Are they? Yes. But, they are not romantic soulmates and do not fit the twin soul ideal.

In my own life, I met someone who I felt had to be that magical soulmate that books and songs are written about. I can’t imagine ever feeling that strongly about anyone else. Yet, in past life exploration, I found that he was not considered to be a true soulmate and that he was merely a helper soul. In one past life he had saved me from a terrible marriage, and in this life he had come back in to save me again from marriage to the wrong person. Once the danger of making that mistake was over, there was no more reason for us to be together and the relationship dissolved for no apparent reason.

“A soulmate is someone to whom we feel profoundly connected, as though the communicating and communing that take place between us were not the product of intentional efforts, but rather a divine grace.” ~ Thomas Moore

This is a common occurrence for relationships. When the purpose for being together has been met, the relationship often just dissolves and you drift away from each other often without any obvious reason.

Many believe that each of us has only one true soulmate. I believe this to be untrue, as all of us are connected on a soul level. We are all ONE.

Imagine a drop of water in a glass, next to a well or a stream. The drops of water in this glass are more closely linked than they are to the drops of water in the well or the stream.  Yet, if you pour the glass into the stream, you cannot tell one drop from another. They are all closely bound, as one body of water. So it is with our souls. The ones in closer proximity to us for a longer period of time seem to be more familiar – hence the term soulmates.

However, you can only determine one drop of water from another by separating them. By combining them with more water, they become a part of the whole body of water – one!

So, your friends, family, lovers, children, teachers, and even enemies and rivals, can all be soulmates. You all incarnated together to serve a particular purpose and grow and learn together. Anyone, who inspires us to stretch, grow, heal and become more than we previously were is a soulmate.

Embrace all who are in your life – your lessons and hardships, as well as your joys. As you learn to embrace all of life, you will find yourself connected in joyful and successful ways you had never previously imagined.


It really is no surprise at this time of great spiritual awakening on Planet Earth, that the Internet has surfaced as the most powerful communication tool in modern times. With just a few key strokes, we can search for virtually any subject and get immediate answers.

Usually we think of the Internet as a great technological advancement, but there is a universal law that states, “As above, so below.” Could the technological phenomenon of the Internet simply be a material manifestation of what is happening spiritually all over the planet?

As humans are searching more and more for answers to the meaning of life, stretching their brains more and more to accommodate the ever expanding wealth of knowledge, the Internet continues to grow.

“Nothing is “local,” limited to where and when it is happening. All things are global, indeed cosmic, for the memory of all things extends to all places and all times.” ~ Ervin Laszlo

This ever expanding web connects people and philosophies from all around the world, from all walks of life and all belief systems. It is bringing them together in an unprecedented manner, and bringing with it a greater acceptance and understanding of others. It is bringing revolution to those previously cut off from the world. It has brought a revolution of thoughts, of ideas, of inventions, of the ways in which we market, sell, bank, and communicate.

But, do you realize that this is merely a material reflection of the capability and revolution going on in the higher intuitive planes of thought? Did you know that if you tune in to your own personal “Inner Net” that you can instantly access all the information known today, as well as all the information ever known throughout millennia?

Most of those working in a metaphysical or psychic field have learned to tap into this vast informational “Inner Net” to help guide them. But, it is an ability that is readily available to everyone, just by being open and allowing the information to come through.

“There is a Collective Entanglement of the frequencies of all life’s energy.  It is this String that ties the past to the future, one unconsciousness to anothers consciousness from one dimension to all the others,  from here to the infinite.” ~ Simon Crowne

“Ask and ye shall receive.” That is the key – one needs to ask and then allow the receipt of the information. When you tap into your personal Inner Net, there are virtually no limitations on what kind of info you can receive or who you can contact.  Through the Internet and the web, you can only contact someone who has a website or email address. But through your Inner Net, you can instantly communicate with anyone near or far, with phone or without, living or on the other side.

How do you do this? There are a number of methods that you can use to develop these techniques. Dreams, meditation, and automatic writing are three of the most popular methods. Then if you wish to validate what you are receiving, you can contact me or your favorite intuitive counselor to get confirmation.