Dreams and visions ever turning, moving

In and out of the illusory veils of time.

Consistent, they hold the promise still

Of all I hope to see and be in time.

Past and future are joined together,

In one continuous cinemagraphic display,

Guiding me forward, sidestepping

Problems encountered along the way.

Copyright 1978 – Sharon Michelle


Beyond the River of Time

Lies a valley all men know;

The home that all strive for,

Where milk and honey flow.

To the wisest of the wise

Comes the inner knowledge

That this valley is here and now.

It is just across the bridge

That separates the light of wisdom

From the ignorance of man.

Copyright 1978 – Sharon Michelle



The lifeblood of fools and saints alike.

They know no boundaries,

No culture, no creed or status.

They comprise the primary ingredient

Of man’s greatest achievements

And inventions in the hands of the wise.

So delicate, so transparent,

They weave their web through

The uneven fiber of man,

Ever searching for those brave enough

To clothe themselves

In their rich and varied fabric.

 Copyright 1978 – Sharon Michelle



Let me tell you a story, a story about your life.

Let me guide you back To your path of Light.

Leave your troubles behind

And follow the Angel’s sign.

Know that knowledge helps connect

And life is what you make of it.

As you grow and become more aware,

You’ll see that Angels are everywhere.

Both manifest and in spirit,

They’re multi-dimensional beings that exist

Just to guide you back to the Light

Via moonbeams in the starry night.

As you venture more into the Light,

Your way becomes visble and bright,

Lit by Spirit’s illuminating Light.

Leaving behind trouble and strife

As Angel Power becomes one with life.

As you become more aware,

You’ll see that Angels are everywhere.

© Sharon Michelle April 2010