Channeled by Sharon Michelle from The Collective

Question:   Nearly all of the crypto investors I have read for are hoping for a big windfall so that they can utilize it to do something that will help humanity in the future.  Did Spirit draw them to cryptos to give them the means to do this?  What can you tell me about this?

Answer:   Yes, we have drawn them all to this medium of exchange to give them the opportunity to build the funds needed to enrich their own lives, those of their family and friends, but also so they can fulfill their dreams and contribute to the building of a new and better world for all of humanity.

This is not a change for a few but an entire movement that is beginning to sweep the Earth.   It is a movement that is a small part of a greater plan to help free those who wish to help.  Each has their own way of doing so.  Each is being helped to take the chance and the risk to create the means to pursue their dreams of helping humanity but also as a reward for their selflessness. They will be able to enrich their own lives and those of others close to them as well.

This is part of a much greater plan to free humanity of their oppressors and enable more freedom throughout the world and more creativity to bring about better ways of living individually and better ways of living together.  A few selfish and corrupt individuals have hijacked and changed for the worse many fundamental elements of the world and society.   The world can not continue in the direction it has been going. Crypto currency is only one of the new changes being brought into the world to correct what has gone wrong.   Some may call this a great experiment but we wish to say it is merely many souls reaching spiritual maturity.  Many of the souls being helped to create this new economic system are enjoying their last lifetime on this planet and want to do what they can to improve things for those who will continue to live, work, and reincarnate here.

The Earth is forever evolving as is mankind.   There are many souls alive today who are completing their cycle of rebirth on the planet.  They wish to leave it a better place than it is today for future generations.   This new method of wealth building is enabling them to complete their missions here so they do not have to return to this planet unless they choose to.  In the future, they will be able to continue with their spiritual growth on other planets where it will be less traumatic and difficult.

Earth is the most difficult planet and gives very hard lessons.  Those who desire spiritual growth may find it even more difficult than their neighbors.   Because of their growth and overcoming of multiple obstacles, we are engineering the implementation of changes that will enable them to not only fulfill their dreams but also their final missions on this planet.

It is no accident that those first to recognize and join this movement are so very spiritually oriented.   Yes, many will make mistakes and lose some initially.  But, they will learn to understand the intricate mechanisms they must follow for success.  We are guiding them thru it and we will not let them fail when their heart is pure.

In many cases, the path of cryptos mirrors the ups and downs of life on Earth.  There are many challenges.  Some will fail and some will succeed.   But overall, when you learn to listen to us, you will make the right choices so you may succeed.   We give info to you so that you can help guide those who might lose faith and give up otherwise.  We help you to guide them so that they may learn to trust their own intuition and hear the guidance we are always giving them.  In doing so, they succeed.

As far as governments, we are working there as well to influence those in key positions to recognize the good and the advantage to this method of exchange and you will soon begin to see governments deciding to implement usage of their own digital money as they will recognize the value in it for all.  It will transcend borders and both governments and businesses will embrace the technology.  You are still in the early stages and it will continue to grow and expand.  It will do much in the future to unify the world and its people.



Part 1.  An Astrological Event Overview

My metaphysical career began after a near death experience and shortly after, I began to do psychic readings.  It wasn’t something I chose, it chose me.   To be allowed to come back, I promised to do something to help people afterwards.  I was told it would be “given to me” and it was.  Spirit would tell me things and gave me visions as well.      A few years later, they led me to learn Astrology.  I don’t believe in using Astrology in every little decision I make.  However, after I get what Spirit gives me psychically, I do like to check, as there should be astrological correlation for what I am receiving.   In the case of Cryptos, this is also true.

Last week, I looked to see if what I have been getting from Spirit, as to timelines, has astrological correlation.  It did.   So, I decided to share that with you as well.  I hope you will find it helpful and interesting and alleviate your concerns over the current slow market and understand that this cycle is a natural occurrence.

The crypto market, just as the overall economy, is responding to very regular astrological influences.   Whether you believe in it or not, these cycles are very real.  So, I am going to explain briefly about some of the major cycles which are in play right now.

Jupiter is the planet that rules economic prosperity and growth among other things.   So, when it is Retro, like it has been since March 9, 2018, you will see a slow-down in any type of business venture.   When it is retro, it inhibits economic growth.  This includes the crypto market.    On the other hand, when it goes forward again (July 11, 2018), you will see events taking place that bring a return of optimism.  You will see more growth starting to take place.  Spending begins to increase, people take more risks, business begins to move forward with projects that have been on hold.   Hiring resumes.  More investments are made.  People have more faith that the economy is picking up.  And you see proof of this all around you because you see the signs and you feel it as well.  After months of things being slow, you begin to feel hope again and faith gets stronger.

This year, the forward movement of Jupiter corresponds with the timing of the New Moon in Cancer.   Cancer is a fertile sign so ventures started at this New Moon, and during this sign,  have a great chance of being prosperous and successful.   The New Moon time frame is always great for new beginnings and ensures they have a successful outcome when initiated at this time.     This New Moon happening at the same time frame as Jupiter going forward will be particularly successful and this combination will give very powerful and positive results  – much more so than if Jupiter was not going forward at the same time.  The combination greatly magnifies the results and their importance. Adding to the power of these two significant events on the 11th and 12th of July, we also have a partial solar eclipse on the 13th.  This adds more emphasis to the importance of events taking place during this time frame. Eclipses often mark the arrival of major changes in peoples lives to take place usually in the coming year.  So changes beginning at this time affect the coming year significantly and in this case, I believe, it will be for the better.

New Moon time frames and the time when planets change from going forward or backward usually correspond with and to very significant events.  In this case, these should be positive. The Moon portion indicates significant timing and dates.  With major planets changing direction, there may be several weeks of influence that are noticeable.  This will be true of Jupiter, and later Saturn and Pluto.

With this New Moon in Cancer and Jupiter forward combination, you could easily see a little glimpse of what is going to come later in the year when Pluto goes direct the first week of October.

To wrap up, even the market has been very slow recently, the closet we get to the date of July 11, 2018, the more you will see subtle improvements and growth starting to occur and optimism coming back to people.   You will see the beginning signs of the economy starting to pick up.



Astrological Overview – Part 3

Continuing on with the Astrological overview of planetary influences on the markets and Cryptos specifically, come October, you have a new player entering the mix.  Pluto changes direction and goes forward.   Pluto rules the masses and in combination with Jupiter, it means BIG MONEY.   Even while Retro, it has been in cooperative energy with both Saturn and Jupiter.   What does this mean for Cryptos in October?  It means the masses will be getting involved and investing.   It means you will see your coins starting to increase significantly in value for a number of months while masses of people and possibly even institutions get more involved.  Not only masses of people are getting involved, but also masses of money.  This will be HUGE!

My visions, lately, have been showing me lots of people on the sidelines watching.  They are either scared because of the slow market or they don’t know how to get involved.  But, when they see things starting to climb, they will be much more motivated and start investing and learning how to invest. Then closer to the end of the year, I see a buying frenzy as these masses of people try to buy in before the prices gets too high.

There is much more I could add about the astrological events in play right now, but these three, featured in the last three posts, are the major players and influences.   I see them affecting the overall economy as well as cryptos.    I hope this helps to explain that the slow period we have been having is nothing more than a very natural cycle and also indicates when things will naturally show increase.   And with the cooperative Jupiter and Pluto involvement in October, the effect on the economy and cryptos should be BIG!  This combo is always involved in BIG MONEY.  Expect your portfolios and business to go through major growth at this time and in the following few months as well.


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Channeled from The Collective by Sharon Michelle.

Q. Tell me about the Twin Flames and the purple light?

A. As Earth moves further into the Photon Belt, people are waking up. Because they are beginning to wake up, it will be easier now for them to find the romantic partner souls they are meant to be with at this time. They are beginning to manifest more of what they have been needing, so relationships will start coming together more. It will be easier to see clearly what one needs to do.

People will start gravitating to what and who they need in their lives. This will include places as many will decide to move to far-away places even though they have been happy where they have been for many years. As they change so do their desires, their dreams, and their motivations. The period coming will be known as a time of change. We are nearly there.

It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being ~ John Joseph Powell

There will not be so much of the shattering Earth changes that have been predicted for so many centuries, but certainly there will be change.  Change is not to be feared however, but embraced. For there will be much joy and positive changes to be made in people’s lives and in the world.

All must remember that Spirit, God, Creator wishes for all to have and be with their perfect partner in life. When one is not, it is because they are not seeing the possibilities that exist all around and they do not understand the power of asking Spirit for assistance. All they have to do is ask and we, like a magic Genie, will bring to them all they are asking for. People have forgotten to ask us and trust that we will help.

Know that we are always here at your beck and call, even when you believe we do not hear you, we do. But you must be clear in your own minds what it is that can make you happy. Write it down, revise it, and finalize it. Write down exactly what you want and what you do not want. Once you are clear, then we can bring in exactly what you wish. Sometimes, it takes a little while to work through the limitations of the material world to bring people together from different locations. But all is possible for us and for you by working together.

Rather than running around looking for that special someone to love, it is better to focus on what you want, ask us for help with it, and then go about living your life and enjoying every moment of it. Trust us to bring the person in at the right moment in your life. The Photon Belt is lifting many of the limitations interfering with you receiving our help. So, you will be noticing that many things are coming to you easier now and your intuition is getting stronger. This will continue over the coming 2100 years.

Soulmates tend to find each other during their respective pursuits of their soul missions. Creating a soulmate could be seen as a spiritual reward that we give ourselves, after pursuing many soul contracts rife with discord ~ Linda Brady

To live life fully and take full advantage of your opportunity here in this life, it works best when you are with that special person you seek. We wish for you to have this person in your life. When you are united with the soulmate you contracted to be with, you are able to raise your vibratory level higher than previously possible. With that love you share, you can share with the rest of the world.


Channeled from the Collective by Sharon Michelle

In this upcoming election, expect the entry of a complete outsider to come into the scene.  This man is not part of the Washington inner circle and he will have many enemies fighting against him.   His heart is true and he is a true patriot.   He is a powerful mover and shaker but not a politician.  He is already much in the public eye but not as a politician.   Many will be surprised when he runs for office and will not expect him to win.   He is a long shot to win.  He will bring a great many shakeups in the established system which will resist him will all their might. They are struggling to keep their corrupt system in place.  However, he will win.   He will not just win the 2016 election, he will also win the 2020 election and serve 4 years both times.  He will be unlike any president that has preceded him but he is a true patriot and wants only to bring this country back to its roots.  He is strong, shrewd, understands what needs to be done and he is aligned with the Spiritual forces for Transformation and Good.   After completing his 2nd term, he will be followed by another new president with a similar outlook and mindset who will complete what he has started.

The “Old Political Guard” in this country (USA) must and will go.  They have remained in power too long and have grown fat and greedy while they have forgotten the reason they went into office which was to serve the People, not themselves.   Instead of what is right in the world, they have become what is wrong.   The coming purge from office must happen if this country is to survive.   Many of them will grow old and die, others will quit as their wrong doings come to light, and many will simply lose their re-election campaigns as the People are wising up and will no longer believe their lies.   Those that have clogged and corrupted our political system will be leaving office one by one over the next ten years or so and be replaced by new idealistic and patriotic leaders that actually care about the nation and its people.  This will be happening in both political parties as both are corrupt.

In the corporate world, you will see the same thing starting to occur as leaders in this sector will also fall from favor as they have grown greedy and wealthy at the expense of their employees and the people they serve.   These events are long overdue but you will soon begin to see signs that these things are beginning to occur.


Channeled Telepathically from The Collective by Sharon Michelle

Question:  The New Year – What should people do to prepare?

Answer: ” It is already happening – the wave of transition that is overtaking the world.  Because of this wave, not of water but of consciousness raising, expect to see a lot of changes in the world.”

“Many companies will fail, economies will fail, and people will fail. They simply will not be able to continue with things as they have been.  Changes are occurring.  For some it is violent.  For some it is gentle.  But change is happening for all.  Many will feel lost.  This is not meant to punish but rather to force them back into alignment with their soul path.”

“All who are on Earth at this time are in agreement with this plan to transition into the next phase.  Some transition consciously and willingly.   Others transition kicking and screaming.  But, all are personally involved in this transition.”

Question:  How can we best prepare?

Answer:  “By being aware and trusting in your own inner self.  Seek the answers within instead of outside yourselves.  All have the answers within.  All hold the keys to their salvation within in that place where they hold communion with the God part of themselves. When each connects on this level, they are also connecting with others at the same time.  For when they connect with this part of themselves, there is no separation between themselves and others.”

“Go out into nature and connect within to that natural rhythm that connects with all of life.  Recognize that all of life has a purpose and is intricately involved with every other part.   One can not exist without the cooperation of the others.”

“This mankind has forgotten.  Yes, all has been made available for man to utilize.  But, it has also been placed there for him to understand that he is to care for and protect and honor all of life.  They have not been placed there for man to upset the balance of nature or to use without regard of consequences or to create imbalance.”

“All that you need is always available to you.  Work together to create homes and businesses that are in balance with nature.  All of earth needs to be in balance and not just protected pockets.   Homes need to be built of readily available and sustainable materials – organic that leave no footprint behind.  They should be made of natural materials that decompose back into the earth when they are no longer needed.”

“Energy should come from a sustainable source such as the natural air currents and the sun that forever provides warmth and life.”

“These things are coming.  The power of thought that manifests the ideas, the inventions, and the new ways of thinking.”



Information from “The Collective” channeled by Sharon Michelle June 2010

The year 2012 is not the end of the world, as some in their ignorance may believe. This is not a true understanding.

This time is a guidepost. It is a time to take notice of, but not for the reasons that people are thinking.

It is a time of a great understanding that sweeps the world. More and more people are waking up to their true essence, their true purpose for being here on this planet at this time.

The earth is in grave danger, but it is not too late to save her. By 2012 many measures are being taken and set into motion that will change the way we do business and live our lives.

We are now recognizing many of our problems are coming from the irresponsibility of leadership to those that they serve. There will be a big outcry for change both from the average person and many in leadership roles. Leadership is beginning to hear the call and is becoming aware that they have to take personal responsibility for protecting our environment, our Mother, and bring about legislation that encourages the development of truly clean energy and to put our planet back into harmony. (more…)