Dreams and visions ever turning, moving

In and out of the illusory veils of time.

Consistent, they hold the promise still

Of all I hope to see and be in time.

Past and future are joined together,

In one continuous cinemagraphic display,

Guiding me forward, sidestepping

Problems encountered along the way.

Copyright 1978 – Sharon Michelle


Beyond the River of Time

Lies a valley all men know;

The home that all strive for,

Where milk and honey flow.

To the wisest of the wise

Comes the inner knowledge

That this valley is here and now.

It is just across the bridge

That separates the light of wisdom

From the ignorance of man.

Copyright 1978 – Sharon Michelle



The lifeblood of fools and saints alike.

They know no boundaries,

No culture, no creed or status.

They comprise the primary ingredient

Of man’s greatest achievements

And inventions in the hands of the wise.

So delicate, so transparent,

They weave their web through

The uneven fiber of man,

Ever searching for those brave enough

To clothe themselves

In their rich and varied fabric.

 Copyright 1978 – Sharon Michelle


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Just as every sign, every planet and every house in Astrology has its own energy and resonance, so do each of the astrological ages. Each age has an overall theme with its own universal lessons.

In the Age of Pisces, humanity learned about dualities. We learned about the duality of good and evil, power and the lack of power. Many took control and power over others, while their subjects suffered in silence.

We were also taught the concept of a God who was sacrificed, and that we must pay for our sins and serve others to make penance.  This was an age of atonement for past sins and sacrifice in the now to reap the rewards of Heaven.  This was an age where our greatest heroes were sacrificed and martyred.

The Aquarian Age, which is fast approaching, has a vastly different energy and expression. Some believe that we are already in the early stages of this age and its energy is already being felt.

“This is an exciting time. I believe we stand at the edge of a new age – a Golden Age – of freedom that will rival any of the great eras of world history because it will be the entire world itself that is changing.” ~ Joe Lieberman

This is the age of the Universal Man, where we become co-creators with God, and/or the Universe. We are beginning to wake up to our full potential and are able to attain the heights of our abilities.  Each individual now has the opportunity to learn to recognize their full potential and finds ways to fully express it. This is the age where we have the potential of literally creating “Heaven on Earth”, as the ancient seers prophesied.

Today, in these early stages of this promising new age, we are at long last awakening to our full power and  oneness with all.  We have the opportunity to put aside the ways of warring, fighting and greed, and be open to the possibility of fully uniting as one great being which is at once separate and whole.

We now have the opportunity to bring the higher spiritual vibration of Heaven to Earth. We are learning to combine our spiritual side with our material side. We are learning to see with one vision. We are learning to function with a whole brain instead of left or right brain. This unification and Oneness is where our true genius and power lies.


The word soulmate is probably one of the most misunderstood words in our English language. What most people think of as a soulmate is actually the meaning applied to twin flame soulmates. In reality there are many different types of soulmates.

Clients call me all the time asking, “When will I meet my soulmate?” Or, they may ask if the one they just met is their soulmate. Still others are convinced that the one that got away is their only soulmate and they are doomed to be unhappy in love, because no one else will ever do. Others, who are in addictive, co-dependent or completely dysfunctional relationships, also sometimes ascribe the name soulmate to their partner. The familiarity that we feel with certain individuals is there because we have been together many times, but it isn’t necessarily always romantic.

“Whatever relationships you have attracted in your life at this moment, are precisely the ones you need in your life at this moment.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Astrology teaches us that relationships come together to help us and teach us, enabling us to grow and evolve. Past life regression shows us the same. Some souls regularly join us to help us, to be a part of our lives, and work together. However, in one life, they may be our father, in another our mother, in another our child or sibling, and in another our dearest friend. Or we may even find that we were a slave or servant to them in a past life, and they were our master.  In one instance of past life regression, the client had come together with a spouse who had killed her children and spouse in a previous life.  In this life, they married so that he could give back to her the children he had taken away in a previous life.  Once this was accomplished, she was free to leave him.

I see many people who are married to people they felt had to be a soulmate, as there was such a strong love between them. The love was real, but it was on a more platonic level and not physical or romantic. Why is this?  Because, their past life history shows the love built up strongly over multiple lifetimes, but they were siblings, parent and child, and best friends – not lovers. So, in the current life, the love is so strong they feel they have to be soulmates. Are they? Yes. But, they are not romantic soulmates and do not fit the twin soul ideal.

In my own life, I met someone who I felt had to be that magical soulmate that books and songs are written about. I can’t imagine ever feeling that strongly about anyone else. Yet, in past life exploration, I found that he was not considered to be a true soulmate and that he was merely a helper soul. In one past life he had saved me from a terrible marriage, and in this life he had come back in to save me again from marriage to the wrong person. Once the danger of making that mistake was over, there was no more reason for us to be together and the relationship dissolved for no apparent reason.

“A soulmate is someone to whom we feel profoundly connected, as though the communicating and communing that take place between us were not the product of intentional efforts, but rather a divine grace.” ~ Thomas Moore

This is a common occurrence for relationships. When the purpose for being together has been met, the relationship often just dissolves and you drift away from each other often without any obvious reason.

Many believe that each of us has only one true soulmate. I believe this to be untrue, as all of us are connected on a soul level. We are all ONE.

Imagine a drop of water in a glass, next to a well or a stream. The drops of water in this glass are more closely linked than they are to the drops of water in the well or the stream.  Yet, if you pour the glass into the stream, you cannot tell one drop from another. They are all closely bound, as one body of water. So it is with our souls. The ones in closer proximity to us for a longer period of time seem to be more familiar – hence the term soulmates.

However, you can only determine one drop of water from another by separating them. By combining them with more water, they become a part of the whole body of water – one!

So, your friends, family, lovers, children, teachers, and even enemies and rivals, can all be soulmates. You all incarnated together to serve a particular purpose and grow and learn together. Anyone, who inspires us to stretch, grow, heal and become more than we previously were is a soulmate.

Embrace all who are in your life – your lessons and hardships, as well as your joys. As you learn to embrace all of life, you will find yourself connected in joyful and successful ways you had never previously imagined.


It really is no surprise at this time of great spiritual awakening on Planet Earth, that the Internet has surfaced as the most powerful communication tool in modern times. With just a few key strokes, we can search for virtually any subject and get immediate answers.

Usually we think of the Internet as a great technological advancement, but there is a universal law that states, “As above, so below.” Could the technological phenomenon of the Internet simply be a material manifestation of what is happening spiritually all over the planet?

As humans are searching more and more for answers to the meaning of life, stretching their brains more and more to accommodate the ever expanding wealth of knowledge, the Internet continues to grow.

“Nothing is “local,” limited to where and when it is happening. All things are global, indeed cosmic, for the memory of all things extends to all places and all times.” ~ Ervin Laszlo

This ever expanding web connects people and philosophies from all around the world, from all walks of life and all belief systems. It is bringing them together in an unprecedented manner, and bringing with it a greater acceptance and understanding of others. It is bringing revolution to those previously cut off from the world. It has brought a revolution of thoughts, of ideas, of inventions, of the ways in which we market, sell, bank, and communicate.

But, do you realize that this is merely a material reflection of the capability and revolution going on in the higher intuitive planes of thought? Did you know that if you tune in to your own personal “Inner Net” that you can instantly access all the information known today, as well as all the information ever known throughout millennia?

Most of those working in a metaphysical or psychic field have learned to tap into this vast informational “Inner Net” to help guide them. But, it is an ability that is readily available to everyone, just by being open and allowing the information to come through.

“There is a Collective Entanglement of the frequencies of all life’s energy.  It is this String that ties the past to the future, one unconsciousness to anothers consciousness from one dimension to all the others,  from here to the infinite.” ~ Simon Crowne

“Ask and ye shall receive.” That is the key – one needs to ask and then allow the receipt of the information. When you tap into your personal Inner Net, there are virtually no limitations on what kind of info you can receive or who you can contact.  Through the Internet and the web, you can only contact someone who has a website or email address. But through your Inner Net, you can instantly communicate with anyone near or far, with phone or without, living or on the other side.

How do you do this? There are a number of methods that you can use to develop these techniques. Dreams, meditation, and automatic writing are three of the most popular methods. Then if you wish to validate what you are receiving, you can contact me or your favorite intuitive counselor to get confirmation.


In 2005,  Spirit added a wonderful new gift for me to utilize in my readings – Aura and Chakra Scans.  I used to do them occasionally, but now I was advised to do them every time.

Initially it was slightly confusing, because I started noticing that on some people there were two chakra centers in the chest area, where before there had only been one – the Heart Chakra

After reading a book recently of channeled insight obtained via hypnosis, I discovered information confirming what I had been seeing.  I learned that there was indeed another chakra in the chest area, which has been closed for centuries.  However, the book did not say what the chakra was used for? After doing a lot of these aura readings, I realized it was usually most obvious in people who had experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE).

“May our heart’s garden of awakening bloom with hundreds of flowers.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

I asked ‘The Collective’ (the name preferred by my guides working in unison) what the purpose of this ‘new chakra‘ is?

They replied: “This chakra is a Higher Expression of the Heart Energy.  It is one that understands more fully the Unity of All.  This is why NDE’s have this chakra opened.  They have been awakened to the reality of the Oneness of All and the reality of the Other Side.”

“One has to feel the chakras, not know about them. You have to feel; you have to send feelers inside yourself.” ~ Osho

It became clear to me that utilizing this Higher Heart Chakra allows you to connect with your own Higher Consciousness on a much deeper level.  It allows you to go back and forth between the physical and spiritual worlds with greater ease.

Per The Collective,

“As you are awakened to a higher level of awareness, this chakra is once again apparent and open in your auric field, and you are allowed access to higher frequencies and dimensions of being.”

“People who have this newly opened chakra in their aura are consciously existing bi-dimensionally.  It gives them the ability to “walk between the worlds” with a foot in each, being able to move back and forth.  This is available to all people who seek to reach this level of awareness, and there are currently a growing number of people who are experiencing this.  There are more now than there have been in several thousand years!”

Information on the Chakra was telepathically channeled from “The Collective” by Sharon Michelle in June 2010.


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People ask all the time what is the best way to start developing their own psychic abilities.

Some people seem to be born with a high degree of psychic gifts. Some gain them through a near death experience. Others learn to develop them. There are many ways to do this.

The best way to start developing your own abilities is through meditation. If you have trouble with this on your own, join a meditation group, or start one yourself with interested friends.  Take turns each week with who will lead the group and prepare the lesson. Then pick out various psychic gifts to practice each week. The next step is to realize that psychic abilities are gifts best used to help others. If you are seeking primarily to get information for yourself, you probably won’t get very far.

“I think everyone is equally psychic. But through the practice of meditation, you learn to make your thoughts quiet and become more aware of your innate psychic abilities.” ~ Dr. Frederick Lenz

So, at the end of each week’s class, have the group practice on seeing what they can pick up for each of their classmates and then share with the group. You may find you get a message for each person or perhaps only for one. But each person will get one or more messages. The more you practice doing for others, the more will then be given to you when the need arises.

Then you need to practice, practice, and practice – remembering to place the intent on service to others.  If you do this, you will find your gifts growing rapidly. Do affirmations to be released from the blocks that are holding you back from your highest potential. Also affirm that you are always guided and protected.

“When an entity has prepared itself through constant forward movement towards service, the necessary circumstances for change will come about so that he may see the next step, the next opportunity.” ~ Edgar Cayce

The final step is to have a hypnosis or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) therapy session, and ask to be released from any blocks that may be interfering with your higher guidance and intuition. Ask that you become a clear channel for the source energy and wisdom with the intent of helping and being of service to others.

To summarize, the more you do for others, the more you will receive for yourself. You will then find that Spirit is readily available to help you as needed or send someone else to you with your messages. Psychic abilities are to be used to help and serve others. If they are not used in this way, they usually disappear so that they will not be misused.


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Partially channeled by Sharon Michelle from “The Collective”

There is a lot of talk and concern going around about what effects the radiation fallout in Japan will have on the rest of the world. It is definitely something to be concerned about, but also something each of us has the power to help heal and transform.

A new energy vibration is being created in the world. Just as there was an outpouring of love and energy into the Gulf, during the oil spill, the same is being done for Japan.

Did you know that they expected the Gulf disaster to be much greater, and take much longer to clean up to the present level, than it actually took? What made the difference were the thousands, and possibly millions of people who took a few moments out of each day to send good vibrations, thoughts, and energy to the Gulf.

“You each are carrying one of the unique pieces that is very critical to the overall puzzle that you are now assembling on the new planet Earth.” ~ Steve Rother

While the Gulf needs continued help as well, Japan now needs this great outpouring of love and light, to help combat the effects of their nuclear disaster. The surviving people need this energy to face each day and to heal themselves, and their nation.

In sending them the power and assistance of your light and love, you create changes and adjustments for improvements in this area, as well as your own. With these changes in Japan, and other places, the Earth has changed its vibrational signal, in order to adjust itself to the changing vibrations of humanity.

Information from spirit sources indicates all these changes in the world are a reflection of the changes within ourselves.  Before, it was possible to have negative thoughts, without an immediate manifestation on the Earth. But as we evolve, the manifestation of our thoughts has more immediate impact on the world around us. So, as we evolve, it is much more important, than previously, that we keep our thoughts in the most positive expression possible. As we are changing and evolving, so is the Earth.

“Those of you who have settled on the New Earth now are being called to fulfill your destiny. Some are being moved to different locations, some are staying where they were, but all are knowing now, what their purpose is and are beginning to fulfill it.” ~ Linda Hogan

Per “The Collective”

“This repositioning of the Earth precedes the repositioning of many of us. Both the earth and each of us are evolving to create a higher expression of both the planet and ourselves. We will now be creating a new planet Earth, for newly empowered humans.”

“We are in a time of transition. As you see the Earth changing, you will also see humanity changing.  As the Earth is changing in vibration and having to re-adjust, so you will too. Many people will be changing their locations and their careers – some by force, while others will be led or drawn to change.”

“As each of you starts to awaken to a greater understanding and potential, you will also start to see new healers, spiritual teachers. New planets will even show up as a reflection of these changes.”

“Many more will find themselves becoming more and more aware of their own higher self connection and you will be finding a cleaner, clearer outpouring of heart energy toward all people and the Earth around you. Use the heart to send love outward to all and embrace the new world evolving now.”


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Lately, in my conversations with clients, there seems to be much more interest in spirit guides. Usually, the questions are about how many there are, whether there is more than one, and most significantly, who are they?

Many people seem to be of the opinion they have only one spirit guide. In my experience, I would have to say that it is much to the contrary. People seem to have many guides. They may have one or two that are higher spiritual energies, who act as a type of ‘supervisor’ over the other guides who are not quite as elevated.

For instance, a person may have an archangel or other religious avatar that functions as their main guide. Then there are many other guides that are experts in various things, whom assist according to their expertise.

“Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.” ~ Rumi

A person, who is a writer, may have a muse that assists them with their writing. If they are also musically inclined, they will have another guide that assists them with their music. If you wish to become an accomplished chef, you will have a guide that is an expert in preparing food. Thus, we have as many guides as we have interests.

If we develop a new interest or skill, we then attract another guide to us.  They come as we need them. They are always there just waiting, but because of our gift of free will, they are not allowed to do much for us, unless we request it. It is necessary for us to ask for assistance. If we do, they come willingly and joyfully.

Sometimes, a guide is a relative that has passed over.  A few days ago, a client came in to see me. Her dad had died recently and she was concerned that in acting as the executor of their father’s estate, she had not complied with his wishes pertaining to his new wife. She had decided that the money belonged to his children, and that his new wife was not entitled to anything.

“The soul is usually much happier in heaven. If they didn’t finish their life’s purpose, they’ll often act as spirit guide to the living person, to vicariously fulfill their mission through that living person.” ~ Doreen Virtue

During the reading the father was present and he made it clear that his will had been made out the way he wanted it to be, but that he forgave her. He was just sad, because she didn’t do what he had asked. He loved his wife and wanted to provide for her.  He kept telling her that there was no difference between any of them. His daughter thought she was protecting family, and he was trying to tell her that blood didn’t matter; they were all one. In this instance, her father was acting as a guide for her.

In my work doing Quantum Healing via a special hypnosis technique, I actually see the healer guides as they are working on the client. They always present as a group and work on the client’s issues as a group; much like a real surgical team does in the operating room in any hospital. They will literally take the person’s part on an ethereal level completely apart, wrap it, massage it, send energy in and put it all back together again.  What they do is very real, because the client experiences remarkable healing.

“In this world you never stand by your own strength; It is the Invisible that sustains you every moment.” ~ Sa’adi

During a recent session a client asked to have the blocks removed that were keeping her from working directly with her higher self. When this question was asked, the guides were elated as a group, and so happy and joyful that the client wished this. Obviously, they were more than happy to comply.

So, when you need help, call us, as we can assist with the help of our guides. But remember to also ask your own guides for help. When I do readings or hypnotic healing, I always ask that your guides work with my guides to bring you the help and answers you need.