Part 1.  An Astrological Event Overview

My metaphysical career began after a near death experience and shortly after, I began to do psychic readings.  It wasn’t something I chose, it chose me.   To be allowed to come back, I promised to do something to help people afterwards.  I was told it would be “given to me” and it was.  Spirit would tell me things and gave me visions as well.      A few years later, they led me to learn Astrology.  I don’t believe in using Astrology in every little decision I make.  However, after I get what Spirit gives me psychically, I do like to check, as there should be astrological correlation for what I am receiving.   In the case of Cryptos, this is also true.

Last week, I looked to see if what I have been getting from Spirit, as to timelines, has astrological correlation.  It did.   So, I decided to share that with you as well.  I hope you will find it helpful and interesting and alleviate your concerns over the current slow market and understand that this cycle is a natural occurrence.

The crypto market, just as the overall economy, is responding to very regular astrological influences.   Whether you believe in it or not, these cycles are very real.  So, I am going to explain briefly about some of the major cycles which are in play right now.

Jupiter is the planet that rules economic prosperity and growth among other things.   So, when it is Retro, like it has been since March 9, 2018, you will see a slow-down in any type of business venture.   When it is retro, it inhibits economic growth.  This includes the crypto market.    On the other hand, when it goes forward again (July 11, 2018), you will see events taking place that bring a return of optimism.  You will see more growth starting to take place.  Spending begins to increase, people take more risks, business begins to move forward with projects that have been on hold.   Hiring resumes.  More investments are made.  People have more faith that the economy is picking up.  And you see proof of this all around you because you see the signs and you feel it as well.  After months of things being slow, you begin to feel hope again and faith gets stronger.

This year, the forward movement of Jupiter corresponds with the timing of the New Moon in Cancer.   Cancer is a fertile sign so ventures started at this New Moon, and during this sign,  have a great chance of being prosperous and successful.   The New Moon time frame is always great for new beginnings and ensures they have a successful outcome when initiated at this time.     This New Moon happening at the same time frame as Jupiter going forward will be particularly successful and this combination will give very powerful and positive results  – much more so than if Jupiter was not going forward at the same time.  The combination greatly magnifies the results and their importance. Adding to the power of these two significant events on the 11th and 12th of July, we also have a partial solar eclipse on the 13th.  This adds more emphasis to the importance of events taking place during this time frame. Eclipses often mark the arrival of major changes in peoples lives to take place usually in the coming year.  So changes beginning at this time affect the coming year significantly and in this case, I believe, it will be for the better.

New Moon time frames and the time when planets change from going forward or backward usually correspond with and to very significant events.  In this case, these should be positive. The Moon portion indicates significant timing and dates.  With major planets changing direction, there may be several weeks of influence that are noticeable.  This will be true of Jupiter, and later Saturn and Pluto.

With this New Moon in Cancer and Jupiter forward combination, you could easily see a little glimpse of what is going to come later in the year when Pluto goes direct the first week of October.

To wrap up, even the market has been very slow recently, the closet we get to the date of July 11, 2018, the more you will see subtle improvements and growth starting to occur and optimism coming back to people.   You will see the beginning signs of the economy starting to pick up.


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