Astrological Overview – Part 3

Continuing on with the Astrological overview of planetary influences on the markets and Cryptos specifically, come October, you have a new player entering the mix.  Pluto changes direction and goes forward.   Pluto rules the masses and in combination with Jupiter, it means BIG MONEY.   Even while Retro, it has been in cooperative energy with both Saturn and Jupiter.   What does this mean for Cryptos in October?  It means the masses will be getting involved and investing.   It means you will see your coins starting to increase significantly in value for a number of months while masses of people and possibly even institutions get more involved.  Not only masses of people are getting involved, but also masses of money.  This will be HUGE!

My visions, lately, have been showing me lots of people on the sidelines watching.  They are either scared because of the slow market or they don’t know how to get involved.  But, when they see things starting to climb, they will be much more motivated and start investing and learning how to invest. Then closer to the end of the year, I see a buying frenzy as these masses of people try to buy in before the prices gets too high.

There is much more I could add about the astrological events in play right now, but these three, featured in the last three posts, are the major players and influences.   I see them affecting the overall economy as well as cryptos.    I hope this helps to explain that the slow period we have been having is nothing more than a very natural cycle and also indicates when things will naturally show increase.   And with the cooperative Jupiter and Pluto involvement in October, the effect on the economy and cryptos should be BIG!  This combo is always involved in BIG MONEY.  Expect your portfolios and business to go through major growth at this time and in the following few months as well.

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