For your convenience, 15, 30, 45 and 60 Sessions are offered.  These may be in person, phone, or via Skype. In depth consultation utilizing your choice of psychic,  astrology, numerology, or intuitive methods to obtain your answers. Sessions include an overview of what has been happening recently, currently, and upcoming in the future..

To schedule your personal reading from the psychic that other psychics prefer, please click on the blue button at the bottom of the first page of this website.   This app will guide you through the process of setting up your client portal, booking your appointment and paying through PayPal.    On the calendar screen, you may click on the blue button in the bottom right of the screen to select your time zone.  The app will then allow you to see available appointment times in your time zone to make scheduling easier for you.  After booking, it will then take you to the payment option.  We use PayPal for your safety and convenience every where in the world.   Once you complete the process, the app will send you an automatic confirmation of your appointment time and an automatic receipt of your payment to your specified email address.  It will later send you a reminder email if you are outside the US or if you specify and are in the US a text message 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

If you wish for an astrological consultation, please email Sharon with your time, place and date of birth and the topic you wish to learn about.  For example, move, love, relationships, or work/money.   If you are thinking of a move, then also send the name of the location you are considering moving to.


Sessions are approximately 2-3 hours in length but could go longer.   The session will re-connect you on the Quantum level with the soul mate you are supposed to be with at the present time.  Re-Connecting on this level helps you to attract the correct soul mate to you and helps you to recognize them when they come into your life.  If you are longing for your soul mate and can’t seem to find Mr./Ms. Right, this session is for you.

For a limited time, sessions are available for $300 per session which is a 25% savings for you.  To obtain maximum benefit, all sessions can be recorded.  You are free to bring a flash drive, or to record via your smart phone for immediate playback.  CD recording is also available.Be sure to check out our guided meditations and self hypnosis mp3’s (coming soon) ahead of time to obtain maximum results.  Session length is 2-3 hours.  This hypnosis technique was pioneered by Sharon Michelle in 2011 and has been successful in re-connecting many soul mates to live happy fulfilled lives


This session is approximately 45 to sixty minutes in length and can help you to instantly overcome blocks and phobias that are holding you back from your full potential.  It can also reset limiting belief systems so you can enjoy a higher quality of life. Session is $100.00 in price.


The majority of our problems, issues, and blocks to our success, well being, and happiness have their root in a previous lifetime(s).   These blocks can be released by going back to the root cause whether it be the current lifetime or a previous one.  In revisiting this root cause and releasing it back to the past where it belongs, we can instantly find that our blocks are released.  Often once these blocks are removed, we find a new enjoyment in our life and greater success and happiness.   Schedule your session now.  Market Rate is $400 per session.  To obtain maximum benefit, all sessions can be recorded.  You are free to bring a flash drive, or to record via your smart phone for immediate playback.  CD recordings are also available..


This session is geared and designed especially for light-workers and others who wish to tap into and open up their abilities to more effectively help others, If you would like to unlock your psychic and intuitive gifts and increase your ability and effectiveness in working with others, this session is for you.   It will also release any blocks that have been holding you back from your full potential.  Sharon Michelle pioneered the use of hypnosis for this specific purpose in 2010 and many have benefited with an increase in the speed in which their abilities developed afterwards.


Many people who have had no success in healing with traditional medical practices find that the source of their complaints and phobias originate from past life trauma. Sometimes this can be from childhood in the current life, but even then, it usually goes back to a previous life.  By releasing the past life cause and bringing in the assistance of the individual’s Higher Self, Subconscious, and Healer Guides, the individual can usually find relief.  This specific technique was pioneered by Dolores Cannon.  I was fortunate to have been trained by her several years before her passing in 2014.  This technique is a viable alternative and cooperative therapy for just about anything that can ail a person and is highly recommended.  We have found that many of the things that ail us have actually resulted from soul traumas in a previous life.  Once we go to where it originated and release into the past, we improve and often these ailments vanish.   These sessions are $400/per session but can run from 3-5 hours in length.


Soul Retrieval is an ancient shamanic technique practiced in some form all over the world among native populations.   While being trained back in 1998 in traditional Native American soul retrieval techniques, Sharon has incorporated this with a light level of hypnosis so that it is a more profound and experiential process for the client.   It is great for the release of baggage people have been carrying around from various present life traumas, hurts and disappointments.  Sometimes, especially with men, clients will go back to a previous lifetime where they died in wartime.

When we suffer trauma and/or any very strong emotion, we can leave pieces of our heart and soul behind.  These pieces must be retrieved and returned.  If there are also cords connecting you to the other person or situation, these must also be cut.  Once this soul retrieval process has been completed, you will feel much better and lighter as if a very heavy weight or load has been taken off you.   Your relationships often improve and you will feel more loving and at peace yourself.


Often times, people will have attachments.  These attachments are dis-incarnate entities from the spirit world that attach because of trauma to the client’s soul.  Usually these are very troubled spirits who have not passed over into the light at their death.  They instead hang around the Earth plane and seek vulnerable humans to attach to. They are seeking to live on through the host’s body and often take over.   Many people are diagnosed with mental illness because of these attachments.   Know if you, or a loved one, is suffering from bouts of time where you don’t recognize who you are because of behavior unlike yourself, or feel drained or depressed for no reason,  you may have an attachment.   These will show up as very nasty ugly entities during soul retrieval and can and will be released.  If you feel you are often not yourself and act out in ugly ways that you can’t control, you may have a spirit attachment.  If so, it is very difficult to have good relationships.   Removing these entities will enable you to be your true self and improve relationships for you significantly for the better.  Most people who have attachments realize that something is very wrong and suffer greatly from this.  But, know these attachments can be removed.

The most common places to pick these up are childhood and youth trauma, hospitals and bars or places where people are drunk or drugged out, hospitals and places where deaths occur.  Know the bad behavior is not you, it is the attachment and this attachment(s) can be released.  A typical session of this type runs about two hours.  The fee for removal is $300 because of the time involved.   If we are able to do in less time then a partial refund will be given. Also, a large group of warrior protective angels will be placed around you during the last part of the session for as long as you need them to ensure that no new entities attach.  You will be able to go back to a normal life without the periodic intrusion of these negative entities.


From time to time we offer classes for those who wish to learn more about various Metaphysical Techniques.