Astrological Overview – Part 2

Speaking more on how the astrological planetary cycles influence the economy and the markets, another big player and one that greatly influences the economy is Saturn.   It rules the stability and restriction involved with the economic system.    When it is in forward motion, it gives the opportunity for individuals and businesses to stabilize, lay stronger foundations, and move forward with planning and growth.    However, when it is Retro, it tends to restrict the economy and you will see business markets slow to a crawl.  Planned expansions, tend to be delayed.  The best use of this energy is to prepare, plan, lay a solid foundation for the future, and basically, get all your ducks in a row.   Often, people see this as a negative.  In reality, it is giving you more time to do what you need to do before things start moving forward and growing again. This year Saturn went Retro on April 18, 2018.   So just when Cryptos were starting to make a forward move, they once again started slowing down with very little sustained growth shortly after this retro move.

Saturn will go forward again this year on September 6, 2018.   So once it goes forward and probably a couple weeks before that, you will notice things stabilizing and signs of additional growth coming.  This year you will have both planets that are known to influence the economy, not only being in forward motion at this time, but cooperating together since they are in compatible signs.  In regards to Cryptos, you will notice less volatility and a more even rise as they begin to grow and expand.


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